Buying Birthday Cards – Exasperating or Enjoyable?

The pain! The agony! Can’t I put it off for another day? What is this dreadful task, you want to know? Shopping for birthday cards! (insert horror music here). Sorry for being so dramatic, but I really can’t stand this time-consuming, tedious chore. Now let’s make it clear – I think sending birthday cards are wonderful. My clients are so appreciative and look forward to receiving them each year. But the process of going to the store to buy them just annoys me!

birthday cards

We’ve all gone through it. The monotony of reading every category on those tiny little label things that stick out behind each slot of cards to find what you’re looking for. Fast forward 20 minutes later: you’re still pacing up and down the card aisle with different designs in hand. Is that sparkly one TOO sparkly? Does this greeting sound business-like enough? Finally, you make a decision. Just when you think you’re done, you notice there’s no matching envelope! You end up stealing an envelope from another card and hope it fits (we’ve all done it). You walk up to the register and the clerk mutters “$4.99”, without blinking an eye. What?! For a card?! You have no choice – if you don’t send the card now, it will get there late.

Does this sound all too familiar? Well, fear not, my fellow birthday card buyers! I’ve found a solution that saves time and money: The Gallery Collection. They have beautiful, high-quality corporate birthday cards (with matching envelopes, of course) for fantastic prices. The ordering process is actually enjoyable and it takes a fraction of the time. Sayonara, local card store!

8 thoughts on “Buying Birthday Cards – Exasperating or Enjoyable?”

  1. Nothing beats saving time when picking the perfect birthday card. I have gone through the hassle of going to the store and taking forever just to find the appropriate card. The gallery collections saves you that time and money. Plus you will be well prepared for next time.

  2. I love your solution for taking the pain and agony out of buying Birthday Cards. I will never spend my lunch hour in a card store again!
    I just called The Gallery Collection, and they are sending me samples of their beautiful cards. Thanks again for your recommendation, you made this girls life much easier.

  3. The Gallery Collection cards are a great alternative for those of us who are always running out of the office during lunch to buy a birthday card for a colleague. Gallery Collctions’ large assortment of designs are great for both business and personal use. And if variety is what you prefer, they offer Birthday Assortment Boxes also. This way you always have an appropriate card on hand. Definitely beats the hassle of having to run out every time.

  4. As an office assistant, the assortments have become my solution to getting organized not only at work, but also at home. Can’t go wrong with Gallery Collection’s variety of cards for birthdays as well as any other occasion – They offer a personal and professional touch in addition to being a great morale booster in today’s stressful workplace.

  5. I used to like picking out birthday cards at card stores — not anymore. The prices are outrageous and usually the clerk behind the counter can barely make eye contact, much less mutter a thank you. I’m big on customer service and you get good customer service with The Gallery Collection phone staff. The cards are really nice, too, and they have a huge selection, so I don’t have to worry about the same old, same old. We’ve used Gallery Collection cards for years now.

  6. I couldn’t agree more with how you feel about buying cards at the store. My last straw with card stores was when I went to buy a card for our supervisor’s birthday; they were out of the envelope that went with the card I’d choosen (probably because others had grabbed them for other cards) and the only solution they could offer was to use an envelope that was too big for the card I choose, and I still had to pay full price of $5.99! Never again.

  7. Birthday cards are great as the receipent. Going out to buy them is a chore. It seems that the Gallery Collection takes care of this problem.

  8. Birthday cards in the store are so expensive compared to the quality they offer! And so many of them say the same exact thing or have very similar images, so what is it you are paying for? Also, it always seems that I am buying the same exact cards every year, because there are so few suitable ones to choose from! I also tend to forget birthdays, so I end up going last minute and have to just pick the best of what is at one store. I ordered a birthday card assortment box from the Gallery Collection; now I can send high quality cards to family and business associates whenever I need to…even if it’s the last minute!

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