Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Look Back Series – 2009 Finalist Designs

In today’s entry for our Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Look Back series, we wanted to put the spotlight on a couple of finalist entries which were selected to be made into cards. Every year we receive thousands upon thousands of entries for our scholarship and while there can only be one Scholarship Winner, the amount of amazing artwork that we receive is so great that we always like to pick out a few finalists and add them to our line of cards as well. In the case of the 2009 Scholarship, two finalists designs were chosen to be made into cards.

The first design was submitted by Daniel Romlein of Potsdam, NY. Daniel painted a beautiful winter scene featuring Birch trees in a snow covered forest. When we first saw this entry, everyone in the room loved it. It brought to mind the holiday season at it’s most relaxing moment. This design was transformed into the “Shimmering Birches Holiday Card” after some additions like foil glitter depicting snow and a beautiful frame to center this amazing image and provide a background for the “Season’s Greetings” front sentiment.

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The second design was submitted by Katie Maupin of Jacksonville, North Carolina. Katie submitted an amazing painting of a snow covered home with a snowman in the front and the words “Seasons Greetings” written on the bottom. This design had such a warm and inviting feel to it that we knew that we had to add it to our line Season’s Greetings Cards. It was officially transformed into the “Warm Winter Welcome Christmas Card“. You can see some of the changes that were made to enhance this beautiful image such as a frame covered in snowflakes and glitter to represent the falling snow.

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Even though the above entries did not win, they deserved to be added to our line of cards. It truly is a testament to the quality of entries that we receive each year and we are always looking out for new designs to add to our ever expanding line. We hope you enjoyed this look into two great entries from the 2009 scholarship contest and we look forward to seeing you here next week for our next entry into the Create-A-Greeting-Card Look Back series!

3 thoughts on “Create-A-Greeting-Card Scholarship Look Back Series – 2009 Finalist Designs”

  1. It’s great that a business cares enough to award scholarships to young adults. Giving away these scholarships, shows young adults that if you work hard at something you can achieve it. How exciting it must feel to be rewarded for something you love to do.
    Congratulations on past, present and future winners!

  2. I feel like I’ve seen that Shimmering Birches design before… I’m gonna have to look through my old saved Christmas cards and see if someone sent me one. It’s great. I like the added touch of the glittery foil.

  3. After having ordered Gallery Collection’s holiday cards in the past, I decided to check out their website and I’m really impressed. It’s especially inspiring to be able to view other contestant’s submissions and see how they are transformed into the final product. Providing scholarships is very encouraging … After all these years, maybe I’ll consider returning to college!

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