Cheap Birthday Cards Can Leave A Bad Impression

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I am a true believer in, “you get what you pay for”. Especially with, birthday cards. I understand people are very busy these days, But buying a cheap birthday card??? To me it means I wasn’t thought of at all. I got a birthday card last year that was not even cut correctly. I was a little upset that a very close friend of mine was the one who sent it.

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I know that choosing a birthday card shouldn’t be a hassle, but a little thought would be nice. I look through several cards before choosing the correct one for that person.  I even have an assortment box from The Gallery Collection for emergencies. They have very nice greetings in them. And I can add my own touch where needed. There are no excuses to buy cheap cards. There’s a reason why they are on sale. Most of them have boring greetings, or the writing is off center, or the whole card was cut wrong.

If you care about the person, you should care about the card you send. I’m not saying to buy the most expensive card out there, but put some thought in buying the card. You may even find that the sayings on the card match the person perfectly. Heck I’ve been known to actually change a few words on cards from time to time to make them say exactly what I need them to say. Let’s face it, most cards have most of what you want on them, but you may have to fix it a little. My family has done this for years. We look forward to seeing what changes have been made on our cards. So when looking for a birthday card for family or friends, please remember, would it be a card that you want???

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Nicole April 3, 2014 at 1:37 pm

Poor Lebron. Someone should send him a Gallery Collection card!

Tim Marlop October 3, 2014 at 2:24 pm

Definitely a deal breaker. I wouldn’t be caught dead sending cheap cards! Cards help you make an impression, so what kind of impression do you think a cheap card will make? Exactly!

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