Corporate Birthday Cards – Don’t Be Caught Without Them!

As a small business owner, I understand the importance of selecting and then keeping only best employees. I often find that it really pays to do your homework and truly investigate the potential employee. I have found way too many ‘non-truths’ when questioning people on their resumes. With that being said, and now with a staff I can finally trust and reward when they go above and beyond. I’d like to share a little secret, A great pick me up as well as a motivational booster, is to hand out corporate birthday cards! Seems simple enough, right? And whether you go out to the local store (not recommended) or purchase boxed birthday cards (highly recommended) be sure to always have a couple extra on had, (that’s why I always buy the boxed cards). The designs are varied enough to suit both genders and convey many different sentiments.

Now, since you are reading this, you are already at the perfect website for ordering high quality, great looking cards. The birthday cards assortment box has everything you need to keep a smile on all of your employees’ faces!

8 thoughts on “Corporate Birthday Cards – Don’t Be Caught Without Them!”

  1. It’s great when an employer remembers your birthday. I also get a card commemorating my “anniversary” with my company, which I also really appreciate.

  2. I’m all for a box of good quality birthday cards, but now you’ve made me paranoid about my resume! Here’s hoping your hand-picked team of employees remains a good one!

  3. And I thought your little secret was going to be about how to select the right staff. Oh well. I think it’s good to ackowledge your employees with birthday cards. It muxt make them feel valued.

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