Corporate Birthday Cards – Don’t Be Caught Without Them!

As a small business owner, I understand the importance of selecting and then keeping only best employees. I often find that it really pays to do your homework and truly investigate the potential employee. I have found way too many ‘non-truths’ when questioning people on their resumes. With that being said, and now with a staff I can finally trust and reward when they go above and beyond. I’d like to share a little secret, A great pick me up as well as a motivational booster, is to hand out corporate birthday cards! Seems simple enough, right? And whether you go out to the local store (not recommended) or purchase boxed birthday cards (highly recommended) be sure to always have a couple extra on had, (that’s why I always buy the boxed cards). The designs are varied enough to suit both genders and convey many different sentiments.

Now, since you are reading this, you are already at the perfect website for ordering high quality, great looking cards. The birthday cards assortment box has everything you need to keep a smile on all of your employees’ faces!

Rose the Card Lady and Assorted Birthday Cards

My name is Rose, “The Card Lady,” and I would like to tell you how my name came to be…

A few years ago I purchased a box of assorted birthday cards from The Gallery Collection. One week after I received them, I threw a surprise anniversary party for my parents at my house. A discussion arose about upcoming birthdays and events, when my sister chimed in and said she forgot her mother in-law’s birthday (it was the very next day!). I went into the house and grabbed the assortment box for her. I quickly had a group of people surrounding me going through the box. They remarked how beautiful the greeting cards were and that they had never seen such cheerful cards in any store. A few of my guests picked out cards that were perfect for an upcoming birthday… I was more than happy to let them have the cards.

A week after my party, my neighbor knocked on my door; she had attended my party last week and remembered I had a boxed birthday cards assortment. She asked if she could have one for a party she had the very next day. So, that is how it began, and till this day, I still have people stopping by for thank you cards, birthday cards, and get well cards. My only dilemma is I’m running out of cards…I have to drop subtle hints on how my guests can get their own boxes.

So now my friends introduce me as Rose, the Card Lady.

Boxed Birthday Cards Are The Best Thing That Ever Happened

I have two small children who are both in day care and both attend a lot of birthday parties. Let me just tell you how convenient boxed birthday cards are! Everyone with children, especially young children, knows that going to any kind of store can be an adventure in itself. Before I bought my boxed cards online, this is how my adventure to the card store went…

Going to a card or stationery store can be worse than going to a toy store. They walk in and see thousands of brightly colored greeting cards and can’t help but want to touch every one of them. So, while I’m trying to find those special birthday cards, I’m also making sure my “angels” (who are trying very hard to listen to me) do not touch the cards on the shelves. If I am not quick enough in picking out a card, their patience runs out. Then their little hands start helping me select cards.

Now, the problem occurs when one of them accidentally bends the corners or crinkles a card. So I’m left with the thought of either paying for a slightly thank-you-for-your-business card or quickly putting them back on the shelf. At the end of the adventurous trip to the card store, I end up spending money on at least one card I have no use for because it’s slightly damaged and spending half an hour in the store for one or two simple birthday cards.

When I found bulk birthday cards, it was the best thing! Not only are they brightly colored and the children love them, they also save me a lot of time and money!

Boxed Birthday Cards for Oma

I sent my Grandmother “Oma” a set of boxed birthday cards to keep on hand after the holidays had ended. She had mentioned how difficult it was for her to get out of the house lately. The usually temperate small town she lives in had been hit hard very early this winter. Knowing my Oma would travel through snow, sleet, and flooded roads to get a birthday card for one of the dozens of people she acknowledges on their “special day,” I thought it best to send her assorted birthday cards so she wouldn’t have to travel outside her cozy home to show someone she was thinking of them.

I arrived home after work to a stack of mail as usual: a few circulars, advertisements for that week’s one day sale, and a couple of my monthly bills. Amongst the plain envelopes and colorful coupons was an envelope for a Gallery Collection greeting card. I can spot that envelope from a mile away! Not only does the unique deckled edge make the envelope pop, but the birthday cards are just the right size to make them stand out in a crowd.

I was running late for a night out so I hadn’t planned on opening my mail right away. The bills could wait, but this was a greeting card! I had to open it and see who had sent it to me. In the envelope was a birthday card with a blue balloon and soaring stars, one of my personal favorites. Inside was a sweet message from my Oma, in the most perfect handwriting you’ve ever seen, wishing me a happy birthday almost a week before the actual day. I can always count on my Oma to remember a special occasion, and now she can always count on those boxed birthday cards to have just the right greeting cards she needs to show her family and friends how much she cares!

Assorted Greeting Cards Will Get me Organized!

I start out each year with the same thought: “I am going to get organized! This is the year that I will be the person I want to be.” Who is that, you might ask? I want to be the person who has a place for everything, and everything in its place. Not the person who has small piles of papers, laundry, magazines, bills etc. all over the house. I want to be the person who quickly and efficiently accomplishes all of those items on her to-do list. Not the person who loses her to-do list! I want to be the person who remembers all of her family and friends’ birthdays and sends them birthday cards that arrive either on or before the actual day. Not the person who remembers the day before, the day of, or let’s face it, more often than not the day after (okay, I’ll admit it, sometimes it’s been the week after).

This year I’m going to be armed with assorted greeting cards so that I am never caught off guard. Whenever I realize that I need to send birthday cards or thank you cards, I can go and find the perfect greeting card from my boxed birthday cards. My aunt recently came to a family get-together and went around asking everyone their birthdays and writing it in a book she had received as a gift called “The Book of Birthdays.” I thought it was the coolest thing. I thought I had found just what I needed to get organized and be on top of sending greeting cards, which obviously is no small feat. It’s basically just a book like a journal with all of the days of the year so you can write everyone’s birthday, anniversary, etc. in it and be ready to mail out assorted greeting cards. No more transferring birthdays and anniversaries to the new calendar year after year. Especially since last year I threw away the old calendar and didn’t realize until a week later that I hadn’t copied over all those very important dates! Of course, then I realized that I would actually need to remember to go pull out the book each week to see if there were any special occasions coming up that I needed to send greeting cards for, and I lost my enthusiasm.

Now I’ve signed up at one of those websites that will remind you via email or text message when you have an important occasion coming up and need to send greeting cards. You can determine when you want the reminder sent and if you need a second reminder, they even do that too. So I’m all set. Now, I just need to find my to-do list!