Design #464AE – Birthday Balloon Glitter

There are so many beautiful birthday cards to choose from in The Gallery Collection line but design #464AE, Birthday Balloon Glitter Greeting Card, is definitely on the top of my list when deciding which design to pick for my employee birthday cards. The single balloon floating in the sky reminds me of my childhood. I’m sure you can recall how you felt the first time you let go of that balloon and followed it up, up and away until it was out of sight as tears started welling in your eyes because you knew you couldn’t get it back. Ah, to be able to go back to the simpler times of childhood. But I digress…

Design #464AE - Birthday Balloon Glitter Greeting Card
Design #464AE - Birthday Balloon Glitter
Greeting Card

This design’s beautiful blue balloon sprinkled with silver star accents in front of a blue sky backdrop is the perfect choice for employee birthday cards. The blue color of the balloon and background on the crisp white card works for both your male and female employees. And let’s face it, who doesn’t like balloons? It’s also both whimsical and professional which is not something you can say about all birthday cards. So you needn’t worry about whether it’s professional enough to send to your executives and yet it still has a fun quality that makes you think of celebrations and happy times.

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