Employee Birthday Cards Show that Little Things Mean a Lot

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Times are tough and it may be difficult to give the raises and bonuses to the dependable and hardworking employees whose productivity you need to stay afloat. Employee birthday cards, especially those of premium quality, send an important personal message to your valued employees. Even those who joke, “I’m not having any more birthdays!” appreciate having their birthdays remembered and acknowledged with birthday cards.

We tend to share a lot about our personal lives with co-workers with whom we spend so much of our time. Even so, in our professional atmosphere, we are more likely to “put on a happy face” rather than share some deeply personal worries and disappointments. The simple gesture of giving birthday cards may provide a needed emotional lift, even when you didn’t know it was needed.

When you send premium quality birthday cards, you’re making a statement about the high value you place on your relationship with your employee. A card that is proudly displayed says volumes over an easily deletable e-card or flimsy overstock item. And, don’t forget the importance of taking time to jot a salutation with the celebrant’s name, along with a short note and your own signature.

This gesture of respect for your employees will add to their respect for you and for the business that sustains you both. As a bonus, you’re more likely to find your own birthday remembered and celebrated with an impressive number of birthday cards!

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