Employee Birthday Cards For The Whole Office

Every year my company celebrates my birthday by giving me some great employee birthday cards. I’ve been receiving these cards since around 1995; they are from Gallery Collection and are superb. It seems wherever I’m working they all seem to get these birthday cards from the same company.

Employee birthday cards have made such an impression on me and my co-workers that I started sending cards to my business customers also. I just started a small dot com business and I’m still working on the website, but people know me from local advertising. So when I get new customers they start an account and fill in an info form with their name, address, phone etc. When I complete repair work on their computer, I get to know these customers more. They are so happy with the job I do, especially saving them tons of money by not having to buy a new computer, we usually become friendly.

So the next time their birthday comes around, guess what, they receive one of my Gallery Collection business birthday cards with a special greeting saying what a valuable customer they are to me and I wish them many more birthdays in the future. This has such an impact on my customers they soon tell friends and family. Then I would get a phone call or email saying “I’m a friend of Debbie and she spoke well of your service” and they need me to repair their computer. This is such a great way to build a customer base. I continually follow up with them through greeting cards.

4 thoughts on “Employee Birthday Cards For The Whole Office”

  1. Sending out cards is a great way to get new business. I have received a number of new customers which were referred to by my other customers due to my service and quality. The cards a good way to keep your business in their minds.

  2. That’s a cool gift to get from your company. Better than some cheap little item. These are nice and very useful as well.

  3. Its the little things in life that matter….. like remembering someones birthday…… Sounds like a great company to work for.

  4. A very classy way to promote your business. I’m sure getting a birthday card from you makes your clients feel great. Well done!

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