Company Holiday Cards Are Good Reminders

Recently I received very classy company holiday cards from a group I had done business with about 3 years ago.  When it arrived I thought it was from my cousin who owns her own business and it is doing very well.  It was a beautiful envelope with a gold foil lining and a frilly edge.  The return address was in gold foil and it really was impressive.  At that point when I saw the company who sent it I was surprised.  While they did a great job for me a few years back, I had forgotten about them.  I thought about it and as it just so happened I realized I could utilize their expertise on an upcoming job I was involved with.  I contacted them and we set up a meeting to discuss doing business together again.

I am so happy that this group decided to do company Christmas cards to all their past customers and business associates. If they had not contacted me I would have had to put out this job for bid. I now can deal directly with a company I have first hand knowledge does a really good job. What a time saver those holiday cards were for me, and more business for them!

4 thoughts on “Company Holiday Cards Are Good Reminders”

  1. What an easy marketing tool for a company. I’d rather receive a nice Christmas Card than some boring post card.

  2. Love getting quality christmas cards from a company. Good quality cards are a great reminder of a great company.

  3. Perfect example of goodwill paying forward. Does that company know that they earned your business? If they hadn’t sent you the Christmas card they would not have gotten your business. This is why it is so important to keep those networking doors open. What goes around comes around.

  4. I agree with Michelle. Whenever I get a Christmas card from a business I add their name to my address book. If I ever need any work done or am deciding where to shop, for example, I will choose that business over anyone else. If they cared enough to send me a card I reciprocate by patronizing their business.

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