Greeting Cards Highlight – Employee Birthday Cards

What distinguishes a great company from a good company? One that remembers to wish its employees a happy birthday! It may seem like such a simple gesture but wishing your employees a happy birthday with a birthday card will show that your company truly cares about its employees. Here are a few picks that will show your employees how much you appreciate them:

The Stars and Streamers Birthday Card on cream matte stock features a dazzling array of gold foil stars and decorative streamers on the front surrounding a beautiful blue gift box. A die-cut box completes the attractive look of the card by featuring your company name in gold.

For coworkers, the Birthday Gathering Card would be an especially great card for department coworkers or the whole office employees. This charming design features cartoon characters as coworkers with the warm message, “Happy birthday from all of us!” There is also an elderly gentleman with a red bowtie waving from a yellow cake with pink icing that says “Celebrate!” The happy message of the card will surely make your employees and coworkers smile.

Another great birthday celebration card for employees is the Party Birds Birthday Card. Wish your colleagues a happy birthday from everyone through this amazingly detailed and colorful birthday card featuring birds with party hats and detailed tail feathers. This card is another fun and memorable card that will impress your colleagues.

The Happy Birthday Glow Card features “Happy Birthday” as beautifully embossed letters. The “Happy Birthday” letters look like birthday candles amongst the decorative detail, such as the embossed, colorful stars. Once again, this card is perfect for companies because of the die-cut window on the front that attractively displays either your company name in gold or a personalized message.

Finally, the Birthday Starburst Card on white matte stock is a simple but truly attractive birthday card featuring a large blue balloon with silver iridescent stars sparkling. Variegated foil in shades of blue and silver sparkle while tiny silver embossed stars surround the blue balloon, creating depth. This card is another “don’t miss” birthday card that would be perfect for your employees.

11 thoughts on “Greeting Cards Highlight – Employee Birthday Cards”

  1. That Party Birds card cracks me up. It reminds me of all the girls here. We’re all seniors in this office and we love to wear bright colors-our clothes and our hair, believe it or not. Our boss should send these cards to us. We are definitely young at heart!

  2. I think the cartoon birthday card is cute. That’s the kind of gathering I enjoy at work when it’s my birthday. My boss gets right in there with a card & he enjoys the cake and coffee with all of us. He’s great and we all appreciate his thoughtfulness.

  3. The owner comes around for each birthday in our small auto shop. She gives out a birthday card plus a $5 gift card to the local coffee joint, and has some cake & coffee with us. It’s nice to have the owner remember our birthdays every year.

  4. Everyone loves to get Birthday cards from family and friends, but getting one from the company you work for is special. It’s great to know that you are a valued member of their team and they appreciate you.

  5. Those Party Birds are adorable. I love their crazy hats. I’d love to get that card at work when it’s my birthday! We’d never go that wild here at the bank-what would our customers think?

  6. Where I work we’ve always gotten a birthday card from the company. I can’t imagine not getting one. I can understand that a company with thousands of employees might not think they can afford to do it. Still, that should be factored in as one of the costs of employee perks – like free coffee on your breaks, a clean lunchroom, etc. To be corny, “Business birthday cards are good business.”

  7. The party birds one is great!! Seems like it is the favorite. I wish more companies thought to send birthday cards to employees. It makes an impression.

  8. I love to give cards and I love receiving them. When I get a card from the company it is signed by the president, manager and supervisors. This does make me feel special.

  9. I get a ton of cards on my birthday. My bosses, the people I work with. I love it. It is a nice thing to do especially if you have to work on your birthday.

  10. I’ve been at my current company for about 5 months now and I was so surprised to receive a birthday card from them. It is the first place I’ve worked at that does this and it really made my day.

  11. My company always acknowledges birthdays and anniversaries. I think it is a great thing to do to keep your employees loyal.

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