Why You Should Send Business Photo Cards

Looking to add that personal touch to your business greeting cards?  Why not add a photo?

Sending a business photo card looks professional but it is also very convenient and an easy process to create.  One popular idea is to take a photo of your staff to put on the card so you can send it to clients, customers, and businesses around the country.  I feel many businesses who receive your card may have possibly never met most or any of your staff in person.  It is a nice thing to finally be able to put faces to the voices they hear all year round while negotiating, setting up contracts, and communicating over the phone.

If you are a small and family oriented business, you can take a nice holiday photo of your family to include on the card.  You could also include a nice photo from your family vacation over the summer.  This adds a really great personal and intimate touch to your greeting card that many others may not have.  You could also include a picture on your card that doesn’t feature anybody at all.  Maybe it was a beautiful photo you took down at the beach over the summer, or a nice shot you caught of a family of deer while you were camping in the mountains last winter.

It’s always a nice idea to write your own greeting.  But as everyone always says, a picture can speak a thousand words!

12 thoughts on “Why You Should Send Business Photo Cards”

  1. I like the idea of photo cards for business. It’s a friendly way to put a face to the voice you hear over the phone when you’re calling in orders. In a small office the personal touch is really important. There are a lot of companies to choose from when you’re looking to do business and a small one doesn’t always offer the lowest price. A business photo card might be just the friendly touch to get and keep a client.

  2. Don’t wait for the holidays to take a company photo for your business photo cards. Do it early so you’ll be sure to have the best photo possible. We rounded up all the usual suspects at our summer company picnic and snapped a super picture of all of us wearing our picnic T-shirts. Our logo was front & center on the shirts to do a little advertising while we were sending Holiday greetings.

  3. Having a business photo card is the best idea ever. With people doing business over the phone and the internet in different parts of the country or world, it’s always nice to put a face with the voice you do business with all the time.

  4. I sell hand-made rag dolls at flea markets. On the table along with the dolls I have several photos of the steps it takes to complete a doll; cutting out the pattern, painting the face on the stuffed doll, and finally the fully clothed & finished doll. I used these 3 photos for the front of my business photo cards. They’re for my customers, as a thank you for buying a doll. And to market my business, I write my email, future flea market stops I’ll make & any “sale” info inside the photo cards.

  5. Close your eyes. Picture 30+ people standing on each others’ shoulders, forming a gigantic pyramid. That’s what our graphics guy put together for our Christmas “tree” on our photo card last year. We were just lined up on the ground for the picture, but he made it look like we had actually climbed up! Naturally, Mr. James, our owner, was placed at the tippy- top with Mrs. James, holding a huge silver star as the topper on our tree. We got so many comments about our unique photo card after the holidays. Now we have to think of an idea to top that one!

  6. I think I’ll take a stab at a photo card for the New Year, kind of tie it into my landscaping business. I think a composite photo of two or three of the best looking gardens & yards I maintain would show off my business a lot better than the plain business card I usually tack up on bulletin boards and windows downtown.

  7. I love Scott’s idea about the company photo taken at the annual picnic. We are in the gorgeous Pacific northwest and I know our customers back east would drool at the sight of our picnic location. The picnic grounds are behind our manufacturing plant, set among majestic pine trees and mountains – just lovely. No smog, no traffic, just pure beauty!

  8. Let me comment on Mae’s comment about putting a face to the person on the phone. We recently sent out photo cards celebrating the 10th anniversary of our branch office. I spoke to my counterpart in Austin and he told me we were some pretty sweet looking “gals”.

  9. Although I don’t like myself in pictures, I love looking at photo cards from other companies. It is very interesting to see the people you interact with professionally. And curious to see if they match the visual image I had of them in my head!

  10. I never thought to send a photo card from my company. That is actually a nice idea since we do a lot of our business over the phone and many of our clients don’t have any sort of face recognition. Hopefully I can talk everyone into it 😉

  11. Great ideas for a company photo card. We often talk to clients on the phone, but rarely see them in person. This would give them a face to put to the people they are dealing with.

  12. a lot of good points here. maybe i can send a photo card from my business this year. the office is small, just three of us, so would be really easy to do a photo.

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