Thanksgiving Cards – The New Christmas Cards?

Everyone expects to receive Christmas cards from family, friends and even establishments where they do business. No one really expects a Thanksgiving card, so why not get a jump on the holiday season?

This year I have decided to send out Thanksgiving cards to friends and family to show how thankful I am to have each and every one of them in my life. While they are busy prepping for the holiday, they will receive a card from me and know that they are being thought of. While everyone tends to spend time with family for that special dinner, a card can slow them down for a minute and fill them with the joy of being appreciated.

It seems as almost as Thanksgiving dinner is coming to an end, you star to get flooded with Christmas cards. Wouldn’t it be nice to share a beautiful Thanksgiving card with friends when everyone else is receiving Christmas cards? The holidays come and go so fast that I like to get an early start on mailings, decorations, and shopping of course. This year, as every year, I will turn to The Gallery Collection for my Thanksgiving cards…and Christmas cards too!

12 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Cards – The New Christmas Cards?”

  1. With so many colorful fall designs, sending a Thanksgiving card is a great idea. They can be sent 2 weeks ahead of the actual holiday so it doesn’t interfere with cooking preparation. The cards can contain a greeting that mentions all 3 holidays all in one- Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year. They can be left on display longer giving family and businesses alike greater exposure time until all the holidays have passed. And best of all, it frees up the sender to spend more time on gift shopping for Christmas!

  2. Sending Thanksgiving Cards in place of Holiday Cards is a great idea! I think your Thanksgiving Card and sentiment will have a greater impact because your recipients do not expect to receive a card at that time. The time frame is perfect for setting the holiday spirit in motion, and your card can be prominently displayed for all of your Thanksgiving guests to see.

  3. Thanksgiving is actually my favorite holiday so I love the idea of sending out Thanksgiving cards. Beat the Christmas rush!

  4. I think I may send out Thanksgiving cards myself this year. It’s just a nice and different idea than the traditional Christmas cards. To me, the holidays start at Thanksgiving and end at New Year’s. So why not send a pretty Thanksgiving card out early to wish everyone from the start a happy Holiday season!

  5. I never thought to send Thanksgiving cards. What a great idea! My card will be the first they receive.

  6. Fall is such a peaceful time of year, it’s a time to gather with family & give Thanks for blessings, the Thanksgiving card designs from The Gallery Collection really show the beauty of the Fall Thanksgiving season.

  7. I agree that the holidays begin with Thanksgiving and last until the new year. Starting out with a Thanksgiving card is perfect. It gets mailed in plenty of time to make up for my last minute mailing of the Christmas cards; cooking, decorating and shopping for gifts usually interfere late in December. And Thanksgiving means a lot to me.

  8. It’s been years since my family was all together for Thanksgiving dinner. We’re all over the country now and can’t always get back home. We used to play our old Christmas albums to get us into the holiday spirit – try singing along to Jingle Bells while enjoying turkey & gravy! It’s a real good idea to send cards for Thanksgiving to spread the love and call up warm memories.

  9. Thanksgiving cards set you apart. I don’t know anyone that even sends them so it would be very memorable to receive one – especially from a business!

  10. Please don’t do what I did a few years ago. Christmas time is so hectic around my house and on the job that I decided to send out Thanksgiving cards in the middle of November and to put in a holiday peel & stick decoration – kill 2 birds with 1 stone, right? Well, I couldn’t find the cards, kept looking for them, until Thanksgiving had passed and it was too late. Where did I finally find them? I had put them in the box of Christmas wrapping paper for safe keeping and found them on Christmas eve.

  11. I never thought too much about Thanksgiving cards, but after reading this blog and the comments, I have changed my mind. Trying something new this year! Thanks!

  12. Sending out Thanksgiving cards should be a new norm. We dont get alot of time to celebrate it in between Holloween and Christmas .

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