The Magic of Business Birthday Cards

As a small business owner, I realized early on the importance of ‘the personal touch’ when it came to clients and employees alike. No one wants to feel like a number or a cog, and it was when I approached every connection on a more individual level that I saw the most amazing things happen. Remembering a child’s name or asking after a spouse (and paying attention to the reply!) goes a long way towards building a strong, loyal relationship. But the most positive reaction was always in response to receiving business birthday cards. It seems simple, but this outwardly small gesture always had the biggest impact. I could see the sense of worth and importance in their eyes as an employee would read the slew of well-wishes from co-workers, knowing they were valued and, let’s face it, well-liked. And I could hear in the voice of a client their genuine appreciation at being remembered on their birthday, knowing that time was taken out of a busy business day to make sure they knew the relationship was an important one. In the space of a short, meaningful birthday wish, a wealth of value and gratitude was shared.

Business Birthday Cards
I always keep a box of assorted birthday cards on hand and keep careful tabs on upcoming birthdays for all of my employees and clients. It doesn’t take long to pick the perfect card, and this personal, thoughtful gesture can flourish into an enthusiastic, dedicated staff, committed clients and a highly regarded business.

12 thoughts on “The Magic of Business Birthday Cards”

  1. I love the idea of business birthday cards. Nothing makes an employee feel more special and appreciated then when their employer remembers their birthday. The time the employer takes to make a bday card may seem small but it will be greatly appreciated.

  2. I think it’s a great idea for small business owners to send out personalized birthday cards.
    Receiving a personalized birthday card would make me feel that my patronage is appreciated, unlike the big corporations that don’t even remember your name.
    I agree the “thoughtful gesture” will make your customers committed, and your employees dedicated.

  3. Adding a personal touch with employees and clients seems like the best way for a business to build loyalty. Now more than ever before, customers have several companies to choose from when giving their patronage, but knowing they are valued individually is likely to keep them coming back. As well, employees who know they are valued are more likely to take personal pride in their work and the company.

  4. You have a family at home, and I DEF believe you have a family at work. What other better way is there to connect to other employees than to give them a small gesture with a huge impact through bday cards? I myself love birthday cards and keep them forever! They are unforgettable!

  5. We all spend most of our lives around our co-workers on a daily basis, so I think business birthday wishes are a great idea! Its great to know you are remembered and makes a birthday that much more special.

  6. It seems at times we are living in a crazy, twisted world. It can be difficult to see the positives and feel the sun shine upon us. So when your birthday comes along, you truly appreciate a “sunny” birthday wish and or sentiment. Although it may seem miniscule, birthday wishes from your employer can really brighten your day. Instead of feeling like just a face in the crowd without a name, you become a person. A human being. So often nowadays, it seems companies have lost that personal touch and are basically soul-less. Any company that takes the time to celebrate their people and show that they are cared for are just about guaranteed to have a satisfied workforce full of good morale and integrity, while performing to the best of their abilities, not because they have to but because they WANT to! The sun is shining where your employer cares for their employees. Feel the warmth!

  7. I love the idea of giving/receiving cards in the workplace. It definitely makes you feel appreciated and keeps morale up. Work should be a happy place to go to every day… if your employees feel appreciated their work will show it. Everyone benefits!

  8. Sending birthday cards to my clients has been a valuable way to keep in touch with them and, at the same time, let them know I think of them as human beings, not just names on a list. I add a little handwritten note, maybe a sentence or two, to personalize it for them, and you would not believe the responses I get from surprised and pleased clients. It’s a good thing for them, and it’s a good thing for me. Just sayin’.

  9. I think birthday cards in the workplace are a great idea! More often than not, birthdays are forgotten and having an employer remember would certainly brighten my day!

  10. We have been very fortunate in business over the past few years, hiring new employees just about every year. When each new hire receives their first business birthday card from our management team they are shocked. Not only do they feel lucky to have a job in this terrible market but they are very appreciative that their birthdays are celebrated. It really gives them a good feeling about the company and about themselves.

  11. It is such a nice idea to give birthday cards to employees. I have worked at large corporations, where everyone is a number and no one’s birthday is acknowledged. If your close co-workers hear it is your birthday, they maybe send you an email. I have also worked at smaller companies that give their employees business birthday cards. I think it is such a small, seemingly insignificant gesture but it can really help with morale in the office. It makes employees feel valued and special, and that is never a bad thing!

  12. I have owned a lawn care service for the last 5 years. My employees are extremely important to me and I always thought that expressing my gratitude for their dedication to the company with a simple thank you was sufficient but a friend of mine suggested that I purchase birthday cards for them.
    Wow! after the first one was given word spread to the rest of my employees very quickly and I could not believe how upbeat and enthused they were! I’m glad I took my friend’s advice. It feels great to receive such positive feedback from everyone.

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