Personalized Birthday Cards and the Big 6-0

On April 4th of last year, I wrote about how great it was to have received personalized birthday cards and company birthday cards from my employers for celebrating my 59th birthday and that, because of how great the feeling was, that was the reason why I was looking forward to the big 6-0 this year. Well, the big 6-0 has passed and what a great day it was!

I actually threw a party for myself at a restaurant and invited relatives and friends – 30 people in all. There was plenty of food, my favorite music, speeches – you know, a real neat celebration. When I got home, I proceeded to read all the birthday cards and open all the presents. Everyone was extremely generous with their gifts and sentiments that were written on the inside of the birthday cards. Once the guests that had accompanied us back to my home had gone for the night, I sat and reflected that the big 6-0 had been the best birthday I had ever had. There were a couple of tears as well as I thought about how great a day it had been.

Since this year’s big day was so special, going back to receiving those nice personalized birthday cards and one from my bosses next year is just fine with me.

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