Personalized Birthday Cards Help Keep You Organized

It is much easier to keep track of who you are sending birthday wishes to if you choose to send out personalized birthday cards. If you are a company who sends birthday cards to either your clients or employees, it is much more convenient to do so if they have already been personalized with your company name. There are many tasks and projects a professional has to worry about finishing during a work day. Having to choose a card and physically sign it can be very tedious and time consuming. Especially if there is more than one birthday card that needs to be signed in a day. If you order birthday cards with a company name or signature already included, it creates fewer steps when it is time to send or hand out the card. It also makes it much less time consuming to keep track of as its one less step that you have to worry about.

I don’t know how many cards I’ve had to buy when an employee or customer’s birthday is coming up. Then I would have to walk around to various employees and wait for them to find the time to sign them.   It’s also frustrating if a fellow employee isn’t in that day and can’t sign it themselves. In such a professional world, no one has time to do this anymore. Your regular work projects are more important so many companies will not even acknowledge a birthday in the office.

By giving an employee or customer a birthday card really helps office morale and helps to continue business with others. If you don’t show your appreciation, it can deter people from giving 100% to the company. In my personal experience, it’s become very easy for a birthday to fall through the cracks because of these time consuming issues. It’s much less time consuming when the cards are already set up with a personal greeting and imprint. Because there are fewer steps involved, it is much easier to keep track of how many cards need to be sent or handed out.

I will never send out cards on a whim again. At least now I know that if I do remember a birthday at the last minute, I am already prepared.

5 thoughts on “Personalized Birthday Cards Help Keep You Organized”

  1. I agree with you. Having the cards personalized makes my life easier. I am always prepared with a personalized card on hand.

  2. My company sends personalized Anniversary cards to recognize the years of service we have been with the company; it’s the little things that our company does for us that means a lot.

  3. The company I work for always acknowledges their employees birthdays, and it does make you feel special & appreciated, all companies should do this for their employees to help boost moral

  4. It is hard to keep track working for such a large company and I am in charge of getting the cards out and on time. We place several orders each year to keep a full stock and I prep each month. I also get an assortment box for emergencies! Makes my job a lot easier!

  5. I’m all for making life easier at work. This is a great idea. Thanks for letting me know. I’m surprised I’ve never thought of this before.

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