Birthday Whimsy Greeting Card

How To Plan Your Employee Birthday Cards In Advance

Keeping track of your employee birthday cards can be so simple. I have found that by ordering birthday cards for my employees at the beginning of the year, I can obtain the best discounts for the year. The Gallery Collection has a large array of cards that are of high quality paper stock, embossed in an array of foil and colors and large in size. I order the classic seal fast envelopes (self-sealing) which are made with a pearlized lining adding a classy touch to the card and allowing for a quick closure.

Birthday Whimsy Greeting Card

I’ve kept a spreadsheet log of my employees birthdays for many years, listed by months and days, in order not to miss any special dates. Every year, I choose a new design with a different greeting, not to repeat the prior year. I love seeing the faces of my dedicated group of employees, knowing that I have made an impact on their very special day of the year. Ordering a box of cards not only saves time and money, but assures me to remember the people that make me successful. Next time your order cards for your employees, check out the Gallery Collection!


3 thoughts on “How To Plan Your Employee Birthday Cards In Advance”

  1. I pretty much do the same thing but I mark my Outlook calendar for the 1st day of every month. This was I am reminded of all the birthdays within that month. I then sign the cards and am ready to go. The worse thing would be to miss someone’s birthday. I would feel terrible.

  2. I think all companies should send birthday cards to their employees. My boss sends an email wishing the employee a Happy Day. I find this tastless and tacky. My boss is a nice guy but I guess he just doesn’t have a clue. Then again he is only 28 and I guess the art of sending hand written cards is going the way of the dinosaur.

  3. I’ve never understood why some people make such a fuss about being ‘the person in charge’ of sending Birthday cards, but then again I’m a pretty organized person. A little fore-thought and it’s a fairly simple task with a lot of reward for your time. I like the spreadsheet idea, and I really like the idea of ordering the cards ahead of time so they’re ready to go. The Gallery Collection does have a great selection and you can be sure you’re ready with a beautiful card whenever it’s needed.

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