No More Searching For Corporate Birthday Cards

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In my previous experiences, when going to the store, it was an absolute pain in when it came to finding corporate birthday cards for your employees. I would have to dig and search for a long period of time before I found something that was professional and tasteful at the same time. But with The Gallery Collection, all the searching and digging at the stores has stopped. There are so many different color combinations and designs; I guarantee you will find something you love. The styles are creative, yet very professional at the same time.

Birthday cards for employees have been made so much easier to look for and buy because of The Gallery Collection. You can do so many different types of customization; it can make you feel like you designed the card totally from scratch. You have the option of choose from one of the many greetings for the inside of the cards, or you may create your own greeting that you would like to use. With so many options, the hardest part may be deciding on the card itself!

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Marcella May 29, 2012 at 12:45 pm

I love the Gallery Collection but I make it easier on myself and order assortment boxes. Assorment boxes contain the same Gallery cards but a few of each for which ever occasion you choose

Emily May 30, 2012 at 3:48 pm

I agree about the Gallery Collection cards but I learned the hard way by trying a different company to save some money. I sent out a few then realized I should have been embarrassed at the quality compared to Gallery Collection cards. The competition just did not stand up and I am back to Gallery for good. I get my Holiday cards from them also which is why I am on the site today-love those early ordering discounts!

Lucas June 6, 2012 at 3:58 pm

Why doesn’t employer Cliff send one of his employees to buy the birthday cards he’s talking about? If it is such a “pain” I’d think he’d give that job to one of his workers. Unless he thinks the surprise of receiving a card would be compromised if anyone else did the purchasing. And as far as a surprise is concerned wouldn,t that element be over the instant the “first” card was given? Certainly by the second card. Where I work no one gets birthday cards from the boss. But I must admit it does seem like a pretty nice gesture.

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