Assorted Greeting Cards Make The Perfect Reminders

Sending assorted greeting cards for different occasions to clients, customers and business associates is a great way to advertise and keep your company on the minds of many throughout the year.

Most of my friends usually send me an email or call me on my birthday. At my age (which we will not disclose now that I became a Grandmother), we rarely get gifts. That day usually consists of many calls and a dinner somewhere during the weekend with the entire family. After the calls, the greetings are gone and there is nothing in the house to remind me of my birthday. So by receiving birthday cards in the mail from my doctor, dentist, and insurance company, I get to look at them every day with a smile on my face.

Not only do I get greeting cards for my birthday and Christmas, I also get All Occasion cards from businesses throughout the year. On July 4th my local town hall sent a card to wish everyone a happy holiday and to advertise the parade and fireworks. On Thanksgiving I received a greeting card from my local produce shop with a coupon inside. It’s great receiving these cards as they remind me to call for a doctor’s appointment or order my holiday dinner trimmings! Now that spring is in the air, I just received a card from the real estate agent I rented a house from last summer to remind me to book it again soon.

These are things I may not have remembered to do if I didn’t receive greeting cards from these businesses. What a great and inexpensive way to advertise, especially in today’s economy!

8 thoughts on “Assorted Greeting Cards Make The Perfect Reminders”

  1. You must be very special to get so many cards on your birthday. I really do patronize the vendors that send me cards so yes, it is a very good idea for businesses to get into doing

  2. I’m glad I don’t get as many cards as Caden does during the year. Sounds to me like “junk” mail that just needs to be recycled. More work for me. I’m still trying to figure out why anything a doctor, dentist or especially an insurance company sends would bring a smile to anybody’s face. Most of the coupons I get in the mail end up in the trash because they are useless to me. I don’t need coupons for tanning salons, zumba classes or car detailing.

  3. As the owner of a small shop, I can certainly second that point. I get many repeat customers by sending out cards before the holidays! It is well worth the cost!

  4. The only mail I get is bills. Not dollar bills but bill bills. You know those envelopes with the little windows on them? Maybe I’ll start checking the mail more closely now that there’s a chance something worthwhile might be in there.

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