The Subtle Advantage of Corporate Birthday Cards

Everyone knows how great it feels to be remembered on his or her birthday. Cards, gifts and well wishes make a special day even more so, and we tend to remember those who take a moment out of their day to brighten ours. But there’s a not-so-secret bonus found in the practice of sending corporate birthday cards.

Corporate Birthday Cards

When a company sends a valued client or business associate a birthday card, they’re taking advantage of a terrific opportunity to stand out from others as one that goes above and beyond. And in the same vein as sending a thank you note after an interview, it offers the chance to bring you and your business back to mind in a positive, meaningful way. It’s a physical reminder of a connection, and its presence conveys thoughtfulness, consideration and, let’s faces it, a level of class. That card becomes a visual link to your company, one that carries with it all the positive impressions you expect to be associated with your business, not to mention bringing your name to mind time and again like a not-so-subtle whisper in their ear.

Having a selection of assorted birthday cards at the ready means you’ll never miss this professionally personal opportunity to showcase your company in a positive light. It’s a small gesture that ensures yours is the name that comes to mind long after the card has been tucked away and it’s back to business.

8 thoughts on “The Subtle Advantage of Corporate Birthday Cards”

  1. It’s always nice to be remembered on your birthday. Friends and family are a given, but businesses who make the effort to send me a birthday card in the mail are definitely more likely to keep me as a returning customer. Good business is all about personability.

  2. Its such a great feeling to be remembered on your birthday, especially from people whom you wouldn’t expect to remember. After all, we all love surprises!

  3. It is nice to be remembered on your birthday. Simple as that. It is a kind gesture to send a card to valued clients/customers that they will appreciate and will hopefully benefit your business as well!

  4. The only nonhuman entity that consistently sends me a birthday card is my car dealership. I really feel like they appreciate my business (and want me to change my oil more often).

  5. I think it’s so fun picking out birthday cards. I’m big on remembering my friends’ birthdays, especially now that we’re older and spread out all over the country. I love hearing from them, too, when it’s my birthday.

  6. Birthday cards (the real thing, not e-cards) are still quaint and charming in this day and age, probably more so because the world has gotten so digitalized and electronic and detached. A birthday card says Hey, I took the time to think of you, pick out a card, write on the card, and hand it to you or mail it to you – I took some time and made some effort for you.

  7. Receiving a birthday card from a business or company I am associated with is so thoughtful! I’ve received birthday cards from my hair salon, my doctors office & my country club. I love placing them out on display in my living room, they make wonderful decorations for you home!

  8. As much as I hate to acknowledge my birthday – especially as they are adding up – it’s nice to receive a birthday card from a company i do business with. I am definitely more likely to use their services again.

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