What Should I Write In Employee Happy Birthday Cards?

As the owner of a small greeting card company with slightly less than one hundred employees, I like to acknowledge the birthday of each member of my staff by sending an employee happy birthday card.  As always, after my loyal assistant brings my attention to the date of each employee’s birthday as it comes up, I like to include a personal message from myself inside the card, in which I express my appreciation for their contribution to the success of my company.  My staff deals with our customers with compassion and genuine care.  As a result, profits increase annually, therefore allowing me to give a salary increase and/or bonus to each staff member.

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The message I extend is one of gratitude and appreciation, such as “Thank you for your dedicated service,”  …..  “Thank you for your outstanding work” …..   “We strive to give our customers an exceptional product and superior customer service and you have helped deliver on these standards” ….  “I appreciate all the hard work you have done to help make this company what it is”.

This show of appreciation on my part, and, an employee Happy Birthday card to each member of my staff has brought much gratitude from all and, I’m happy to say, the comrade is felt and shared throughout my company.

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  1. I think it is great when a company takes the time out to send a special message in a card for their employees’ birthdays. It keeps them loyal and feeling important.

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