Business Cards: Dos and Dont’s


  • Do always keep enough with you. What’s the point of having them if you don’t hand them out? They are a staple marketing tool of the modern business world.
  • Do include pertinent information like name, contact info, and a website or link to recent work/resume.
  • Do deliver your card confidently with a firm handshake, eye-contact, and a smile.
  • Do think about your line of work and which design would best suit your needs. Consider the type of card as well (horizontal or vertical, glossy and laminated, matte, velvety, etc.). Take care in deciding the details. This will set you apart from your competitors.


  • Don’t use hard-to-read fonts, colors, or designs.
  • Don’t bend, fold, crumple, or stain your cards. They are a reflection of you and your attention to detail, so they must be neat and clean. Consider keeping them in the free travel case The Gallery Collection provides with your order! It will be oh so impressive when you retrieve a fresh card.
  • Don’t crowd your card with too much stuff. Photos, logos, quotes or testimonials, accomplishment highlights, and extra links are all fine additions to your business card . . . but maybe only one or two of them. And absolutely never include outdated or incomplete details. Weigh your options and strive for developing a precise, informative card.
  • Don’t keep putting off ordering your business cards at The Gallery Collection! The Gallery Collection’s high quality, double-sided, customizable business cards will be sure to impress.

6 thoughts on “Business Cards: Dos and Dont’s”

  1. DO use Spell Check! A typo on a business card says you don’t care about your business. If you hand out a business card with a typo, one is inclined to not want to do business with you. If I received a card with a typo, it wouldn’t be a keeper.

  2. If it’s a business card, stick to business. Being too cutesy just shows you’re immature, not clever.

  3. These are all great suggestions. One time I had ordered some business cards and accidentally ruined them the same day by spilling spaghetti sauce on them. I was able to clean them since they were glossy but they ended up wrinkled and stained. I decided to use them anyway since I had just gotten them. I noticed that when I handed them out, people didn’t want to touch them. They also gave me dirty looks. I didn’t get any calls.

  4. Always keep your card on you is the best one. Whats the point of ordering if you’re not going to get them out . Also the simplier the better. I agree with not over crowding the card.

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