3 Card Assortments Everyone Needs

Card assortments are essential for any business or individual to keep at their disposal. Unless you can remember every event and foresee unexpected events, assortment boxes are a must have.

The first one I feel is a must have is the All Occasion Card Assortment box. This box has an assortment of cards for every occasion. There are birthday, anniversary, thank you, get well and congratulations cards in this box. When something unexpected occurs you will have the necessary card to make someone’s day.

The second card assortment box I feel is necessary to keep on hand is one of the Birthday Card Assortment boxes. I feel like every time I turn around I need an unexpected birthday card. Sure I can run to the local card store and spend $5.00 for a card, but why deal with that stress and expense? When I get these assortment boxes the cost per card is less than half that price and the quality is awesome. Plus, I avoid any last minute running around.

As for the last card assortment box, I always make sure I keep a box of Fine Art Note Cards around. This way if it just a simple note to say, “Hi. I’m thinking about you.” you can use one of these. They are an all-purpose option and can be used for business or personal use. Consider these assortment box choices to keep at your disposal.

6 thoughts on “3 Card Assortments Everyone Needs”

  1. Assortment Boxes from The Gallery Collection are a must-have item, and I agree that the All Occasion Boxes are the best. Events and occasions that call for a card to be sent or given come up unexpectedly, and these are a time-saver because you have the right card on hand every time!

  2. The Fine Art cards are great. They’re so pretty and they dress up my Thank You notes for sure. They’re a good choice to keep in the office; split the box with a co-worker.

  3. I haven’t seen such pretty cards in the store as the cards in the Fine Art box. They are beautiful and perfect for any occasion. I love sending them, but they are so pretty I want to keep them all for me.

  4. We order 5 assortment boxes the beginning of each year. They are super helpful in a pinch!

  5. I never thought of an assortment box for cards, but its a brilliant idea. Even if you don’t have an office, this is a really good product to have and keep around . The beautiful designs and packaging it comes in makes it an even more irresistable item.

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