How To Create A Standout Business Card

Your business card represents you and your business. When designing your business card be sure that it makes the statement you want to send and add that extra punch so it stands out above the rest.

Give serious consideration to the type of business you have and how you want to be remembered. One example is the Verde Boutique which let’s you make a splash. This business card example shows that they are stylish and interesting. It allows you to include your company name, name, title, address, and all the necessary contact information including address, phone, email and website. An extra touch that I just love is that it allows you to upload a photo on the back of the business card. It is a great way to keep your name and face fresh in your customer’s mind.

Depending on the business you are promoting, I would suggest uploading your logo. Some business are truly recognized by their logo. Just putting your logo makes a statement all its own. If you are in the entertainment industry, consider going with a black card and neon print. Be sure to add your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook account information. Another great way to connect to your online world is adding a QR code right on your business card.

Create a stand out business card to be remembered by!

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