25 Years of Company Christmas Cards – Living it and Loving it

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Yes, 25 years of working for The Gallery Collection, the industry leader for high quality company Christmas cards! Starting back in 1986, as a temporary customer service representative, I quickly learned what the words quality and customer service meant at their very best. Here was a company who placed customers and employees on their priority list. Treat everyone well and show appreciation for everyone seemed to be the basis for our company culture. Our exquisite line of business Christmas cards has always been a display of pride for those who make, sell and personalize them as well as for those who buy them.

How exciting each year to see the new designs that are being added to the line! I’m sure our customers feel the same way when they receive the first catalog mailing of the year or check out the website that exhibits all of our cards. Company Christmas cards provide an inexpensive yet thoughtful way of showing employees and clients your appreciation. I know my whole family is delighted each year when we open up our very own personal card signed by our entire executive team. Sometimes it’s a tranquil wooded snow scene like “Winter Sparkle Holiday card” or perhaps a more traditional design such as our “Home for the Holidays Card”.

I think that 25 years at the same company says a lot in itself. Quality of product, superb customer service, a unique, diversified, exceptional line of  holiday cards as well as constant displays of appreciation to employees have kept me happily captive. Living it and Loving it, I am certain that when you send a Gallery Collection business Christmas card to your employee or client or vendor that they will feel that same appreciation.

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Jennifer Q. December 15, 2011 at 3:39 pm

I never knew just how much goes into the creation and distribution of cards. To me all cards used to look the same. However, now i really see that there is a difference between the quality cards and the average cheap cards.

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