Is it Necessary to Send Business Christmas Cards?

If your company is working under budgetary constraints, not sending out holiday cards may seem like a no brainer. Why would you spend money on that, when there are so many other things that are needed to run a company? Inventory, supplies, salaries, to name a few. If you are trying to get the word out, you are likely spending money on some type of advertisement. If you run an ad in the local newspaper, you are likely putting out a good chunk of change. You have no guarantee that your customers or potential customers will even see it. So, is it necessary to send business Christmas cards? That is the question!

Sending Christmas cards may not seem like a very important task. However, when you think about it, it becomes clear that it is. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and thought of. The holidays are a cheerful time of year and a perfect time to remind people of how much they are appreciated. By sending Christmas cards you are letting your customers and clients know that you are thinking of them. Not just when they are utilizing your services, but for the rest of the year as well. Along with great service, these small measures are what keep customers coming back.

You may wonder how this would attract potential new business. Most offices that receive Christmas cards, hang them up on display. People are walking in and out and most likely will stop to look at the cards. When they do, they will see your company name, proudly printed on the inside. While spending a very nominal amount per greeting card, you have sent out an advertisement that will be seen by many.

My Favorite Religious Christmas Cards

For my family, we’ve always loved the meaning of Christmas. It is a true celebration of the giving spirit and caring for others. I truly believe that if we continued to hold the spirit of Christmas present in all of our minds, our world would be a much better place. When the time comes to select my Christmas cards to my closest friends and family, I always choose one with a message which resonates with my own family. It’s why I share my wishes for Christmas with Religious Cards.

The Nativity Ornament is such a gorgeous card.  It is almost as if it is in 3D. The red ornament is displayed hanging from a decorated, lighted Christmas tree with a Nativity scene in the center showing the midnight sky above.  The colors are vivid and framed in gold giving the recipient the option to remove the mounted photo to display in a frame.

This Christmas card shows the Peace Symbol of the dove holding an olive branch.  The dove is flying through a stained glass window at Holy Sacrament Church in Paris.  Not only is this card sticking to the religious theme but it is spreading the word of peace.  With the state of the world and our country, there is no better time to spread the wishes of peace.

The Three Wise Men…Definitely making it clear that I am announcing the blessings of the season only with a more modern flair.  They are bringing gifts to the new King through the desert with the bright star leading them.  This is a guiding card with the wishes of a Merry Christmas written on the front.

I am proud to spread well wishes for a Merry Christmas to all with these special one of a kind Religious cards from The Gallery Collection

Choosing The Right Greeting For Your Holiday Cards

We’ve all been there. Fast forward, and it’s early November. The pressure is on because the Holiday season is right around the corner, and you need to pick a Holiday card to send out to your loyal customers! So, you choose a Gallery Collection Christmas Card, but you have yet to choose a greeting. Yikes!

You’re left scrambling because you want to pick the perfect one! After all, the greeting of your holiday card is extremely important. The greeting helps define your company’s wishes for the most important season of the year as well as all your well wishes for the New Year to come!

Luckily, it isn’t time just yet to panic. Let’s breakdown some options to get you ready for when the time truly comes. First, did you want to go with a short and sweet greeting? The “Season’s Greetings and Best Wishes for a Happy New Year” greeting would fit the bill! If you’ve like to say a little more, the Gallery Collection has an entire selection of longer, descriptive greetings that would work in that case too. Ones such as “Wishing You and Your family a wonderful holiday season and a healthy and peaceful New Year.” Are your recipients religious? There are also religious greetings such as “Joy to the World, let Earth receive her king!”

In the end, if you simply can’t find one that fits your needs, you also always have the option to write your own. The important thing is to find the greeting that you feel expresses your company’s morals and holiday wishes

What To Look For When Buying The Company Christmas Cards

Were you just asked to purchase holiday cards for your company? Whether you are a seasoned pro or you found this page from frantically googling for guidelines . . . Here are some ideas to get you moving.

Firstly, it’s important to be aware of you audience. Think of who will be receiving these cards. Are they religious? Mixed religions? Non-affiliated? What’s their age? Answering questions like these should help significantly condense your options, whether you’ve narrowed it down into a category of cards or have decided to get more generic (Holiday, Seasons Greetings, or Winter scene) cards.

Next, think about the intent of your company Holiday card—is it meant to gain customers or show thanks for their business? Then keep it polished, maybe use foil to create an elegant, sincere card. Are these festive cards for your employees or a close boss? These should boost morale, show appreciation, and perhaps be funny or casual.

Think of your budget—if you need hundreds of cards, buying in bulk could save you money. Also if you choose The Gallery Collection, you even have the freedom of customization. You quickly and easily create a holiday card, choosing from hundreds of card designs, dozens of greetings, or write your own!
No more excuses, it’s time to select your perfect company christmas cards!

Dark Stock or Light Stock Christmas Cards?

Finally making a choice between going with a dark or light stock Christmas cards this year can depend on many factors. What look are you going for and who are the recipients? Depending on the card and printing color, could you be sacrificing readability?

The Gallery Collection carries both types of card stocks in a wide array of styles. Light Christmas cards could be white or buff while dark stock cards can be black, dark brown, dark green, navy blue or a deep red. Additionally, many designs are offered in both light and dark stock options. So, how do you choose?

Think ahead—if you opt for a dark stock card know that your color printing options become limited to select foils only. If you plan to sign or write anything on the Holiday Cards you will need to purchase gel pens, which The Gallery Collection offers in gold and silver.

If you choose a light stock card, be wary of color conflicts there as well. Some might find silver on white card stock or the gold on buff card stock slightly harder to read. Ask for a complimentary sample of your printing color on your card stock choice to see if you like the way it looks together.

How to Pick This Year’s Company Holiday Card

You want to impress your boss, but boy is it a lot of pressure to make a decision for the whole company. Sure, it’s only a card. A card that will be given to every client, personal contact of your boss, as well as the whole company’s staff!

When you are faced with a decision that involves so many people, it can be daunting to try and figure out what single thing is going to please everyone. First thing’s first: Keep your priorities in check. Make sure you are solid on your budget (and make sure you are positive on the quantity!), time frame to get and deliver the cards, and always keep in mind the audience. While your boss’ opinion might take precedence over your own here, do not overlook the recipients. Who is the card addressing and therefore what should the right message be? Do they all celebrate the same holiday? Be considerate of these sensitivities but realize that ultimately if you know your boss wants a Christmas card sent out—despite any conflicts that could arise—the card you order better be Holly Jolly.

If you’re really not sure what your boss will like—ask! Come with specific questions that are not extremely limiting so you’re not screwed into trying to find a unicorn card. The idea is to get your boss’ input without annoying them or allowing them to form an ideal card (therefore bolstering their expectations). Ask things like if they wanted a certain theme or color scheme. This could be heavily revealing to the type of card they expect. Or ask whoever chose the company holiday card last year to gain some insight.

Once you have your criteria in mind, actually choosing a card should be much easier. You’ve already narrowed it down substantially from answering those few questions. So stay focused. It can be easy to be wowed by all the cards available to you. Keep checking in with what you know you need to buy and make the best decision you can. Don’t search with fear that you’ll get the wrong one. Search with the intention of finding the best Christmas card you can.

Card Imprinting on Business Holiday Cards

Personalizing or card imprinting on Business Holiday Cards is key in getting your company name out there to all of your customers, clients and vendors. But equally important is how its looks. Whether a company decides to add their logo or go with standard typesetting, it needs to look “nice.” It should be appropriately sized for the card, and color selection should complement the front of the card. For more conservative companies, black might be a better or safer choice. One-color printing looks more cohesive inside the card, the greeting should be the same color as the card personalization. A red foil greeting with the company name typeset in green foil does look “Christmas-y” but it also looks like the company name was thrown on the card as afterthought. If the front of the card is mostly red or green, choose either color for inside the cards; printing in blue ink for whatever reason creates a card that does not look professional or well designed.

When a logo is used for the card imprint, there may be corporate “Identity” standards that require that certain colors must be used when printing a logo. If these PMS or “branded” colors cannot be followed, a typical workaround involves printing the logo in black and occasionally in gold or silver foil. If a company logo appears on a holiday card in black, it probably does not mean they lack holiday spirit. They are probably following set guidelines as required by corporate mandate.

Whatever colors appear when you open your next holiday card, be thankful you received it; it indicates your business is much appreciated by the sender!

New For 2018 Christmas Cards


Every year I look for something new when purchasing our Company’s Christmas cards. It can be quite challenging to find something unique especially when we want our cards to say Merry Christmas on the front, but I think I found a few great examples for this year.

This Opulent Ornaments Christmas Card is definitely unique. I love the idea of having all that gold on a black card stock. It has an elegant touch. It is a glossy color photo that is mounted and framed in gold. The photo is a zoomed in section of a Christmas tree with different shades of gold ornaments and crystal beading dangling down from the branches. The added touch of Merry Christmas below the photo makes this a perfect choice for us.



Another that I find totally out of the ordinary is this Burst of Blue Christmas card. It is stamped with reflective silver foil with the matching framed border. The snowflake is done in an ornate fashion. Without going for the typical red and green and holiday symbols, this card still sends wishes for a Merry Christmas.


You may look at this Picturesque Setting Christmas Card on the left and think it is a run of the mill Christmas photo. However, you’d be wrong! I look at this one and see a beautiful, homely Christmas scene with a burning fire and gorgeous tree with all the trimmings. Also, let’s not forget those presents! What makes this Christmas card truly stand out though is the navy card stock. The photo really jumps and so does the gold “Merry Christmas” below it.

Add Some Flair to Your Christmas Cards by Featuring Your Company Name on the Front

The Gallery Collection has many options to personalize your Christmas cards. One great choice is to display your company name on the front of the card, so when clients display your card, they are also promoting your business. Here are some card designs The Gallery Collection offers that allow you to place your company’s name on the front of the card:

Die-cut Cards
Die-cut cards feature a cut-out window on the front of the card, allowing you to display your company name through the opening.

Customizable Front (Ink Only) Cards
The Customizable Front (Ink Only) cards allow you to add text right on the front of the card. You are able to edit the font, color, and size of the desired text you’d like to add.

Custom Photo-Mount Cards
If you prefer, you are able to create an image – that includes your company name – on the front of a Custom Photo-Mount Card. There are different options for the card’s orientation and color of the card stock.

These are some of the card types which allow you to feature your company name on the front of the card. As always, the Gallery Collection carries a wide range of cards that are sure to fit your needs this holiday season.

Benefits of Sending Photo Christmas Cards to your Customers

Last year for the Holiday season I received a great Christmas card from one of the companies I have done business with in the past.  The card was a sturdy one with a really great picture on the front of all the employees with these great happy smiles! It made me think about the fact that knowing the faces of the actual people you talk with to do your business really can make a difference.  I realized this fact once I saw a picture of the lovely woman I have spoken with over the phone.  Putting together the face with the voice and her mannerisms gave me a warmer connection to the company, which happens to sell many items I can get in numerous other places.  Since many other companies also offer most of the same stuff, having this connection made a difference.  I liked the service and then the picture of the employees solidified my feelings towards this company.   I guess you could say there are benefits of sending photo Christmas Cards to your Customers since it might bring in new business and also get some business back that may have gone elsewhere.  An increase in the bottom line, something we all want!  Just because of employee faces on a Christmas card.  Good wishes make good connections!