3 Reasons to Add Signatures to Your Christmas Cards


While it is always nice to personally hand sign any greeting card, it is not always practical. During the holidays, most companies send out Christmas cards to all their vendors, customers and other business contacts. This can be a huge mailing for most companies. Face it, signing 25 personal cards can be an overwhelming task in November and December; imagine handsigning upwards of 100 to possibly thousands of Christmas cards!
So with today’s printing technology, here are 3 reasons to let a machine do your signatures for you:

#1- Time: Time is money. If your employees are busy signing hundreds of cards and passing the bunch of them around the office to each employee to sign, the work is not being done or at least it is being temporarily set aside. While passing the cards around, each staff member will probably take a few minutes to chit-chat about the weather, the family, football or in this office the latest episode of the TV hit “This is Us”. Multiply those few minutes by every employee and that lost time adds up. I hate to sound like Ebenezer Scrooge during this festive season, but…

#2- Neatness and Esthetic Appeal: Maybe signing your name on 5-10 cards is not so bad, however when it gets into the hundreds, things get sloppy. Even the nicest signature begins to turn into an unreadable scrawl. Combine this with the coffee and donuts being consumed or the pizza being eaten during the signing and those cards are starting to look like a real mess. A greasy thumbprint does not qualify as a signature.

#3- Signatures are like Human Logos: Handwriting analysts can tell a lot about a person from their signature and this holds true about a signed name on a greeting card. Think about it- You have been emailing customers for years but really know little about them. Seeing a person’s signature on a company Christmas card gives you a little insight into who that person is. Some people will dot their letter “i” with a heart or a star, some will cross their “t” with a really long line, and others will make huge scrolls with their initials. Given the opportunity to sign their name once on a signature template often gives people the time to be at the very least neat and sometimes imaginative with that one signature. They may add a caricature of themselves incorporated into their name or draw a snowman or a Christmas tree next to it. The creativity can be endless if 1000’s of cards do not have to be manually signed over and over again.

So all you people who are responsible for ordering the company Christmas cards this year, request a signature template to make the task of adding employee signatures to the company Christmas cards easier this year. Everyone will be much happier and less stressed because of it!

5 thoughts on “3 Reasons to Add Signatures to Your Christmas Cards”

  1. Great points. Saving time is always a huge plus. It’s great to know that I just have to make the signature look good once, and then it will look good for many.

  2. We order signatures every year. You guys make it SO EASY to just sign the sheet, see what it looks like with the names and not have to get 11 people to sign 1000 cards. It looks so much better having them printed because people definitely do get sloppy writing on their own.

  3. The best line in this article is “Signatures are like Human Logos”.
    It always helps if the signature is legible! Who wants to look at an illegible logo? 🙂

  4. This is an excellent idea. Passing cards around to several people to sign can make the cards look weathered. With the signatures already on the cards when delivered, they can be mailed out looking crisp, sharp & fresh

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