Best Time To Send Your Business Christmas Cards

Yes, we’re still in summer. However, the holidays will be upon us before you know it, and for most of us, it’s the most wonderful time of the year – unless you are unprepared. I’m sure your company has been flooded with important customers all year long. You are trying to find a way to send your appreciation for their business, your well wishes for the holiday season, and the New Year ahead!

If you head over to, there is an entire selection of interesting holiday card designs. You pick out the design of the card you wish to have, you pick out the appropriate greeting, the appropriate imprint, the type of envelope, etc. Now comes the question of when the best time would be to send your business Christmas cards. We obviously don’t want to send them out in September or October, as that would be way too early!

Although some companies/businesses may send a generic “Seasons Greetings” cards at the end of November to honor Thanksgiving as well, most companies/businesses will set upon a specific date in early December to set out the holiday cards. Because there are most likely going to be a lot of cards to send out, you may want to  send you company’s holiday cards in early December to reach your clients/co-workers/employees in mid-December. Whenever you send them, I’m sure your recipient will be filled with joy to get your message of love and hope for the holiday season! 

6 thoughts on “Best Time To Send Your Business Christmas Cards”

  1. It never hurts to order early! I am looking at which card I want to choose for this years company card. I am thinking of going with one of the options I picked out last year since I loved them so much. There are so many pretty new cards this year too! I am leaning towards the Berry Cluster Wreath Holiday Card. I love how the gold foil shows up against the dark paper. I am happy to get a head start on our cards!

  2. It’s best to get them out early! I know I always remember the first card I get during the holidays.

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