Corporate Holiday Cards That Represent Your Company

There are so many types of holiday cards these days.  I thought I would send some cards that are specifically identified with my business. I found corporate holiday cards that represent your company are easier to find than I thought.  I’ve been looking around for something fun!  I’m a dentist and my company makes dental implants.

  There are few cards that really represent the dental industry to begin with since no one really wants to go to the dentist, ever!  That’s why we have such a bad reputation and people sometimes think we are sour pusses.  But, in my part of the business we help people smile with pride and then they look really good!  This pushed me on.  I started an internet search and came up with the online store for the Gallery

Wow, some really good ideas popped up and made me and my whole staff chuckle.  There were 11 different ones to choose from that were dentist related with tooth brushes and floss and lots of teeth across the card. We wanted something subtle, and only 2 designs really fit that desire. We got samples of both and we voted in the office to decide which one we would have printed with our names in gold foil!  We really enjoyed the whole process of choosing a card. We then went on to have a pizza party during which we prepared the cards and put a stamp on every one for that truly personal touch!  

What Does Your Corporate Holiday Say About Your Company

Our jobs have become part of our culture. We spend most of ours days here, developing relationships with others from all walks of life. Many of us even develop friendships that exist outside of the work parameters. The companies that we work for, are aware of this. The better companies will offer extracurricular programs through their business in order to nurture these relationships.

A happy worker is often a good one. Corporate holidays and sending Business Holiday Cards are a great way to show appreciation for its workers. What do corporate holidays say about the company that you work for? First, the very existence of corporate holidays shows an appreciation of the group as a whole. It’s a way of saying that the cohesive efforts of everyone have been noticed, and a group reward is deserved. One outstanding company that I worked for, added an extra day to the current Christmas Holiday schedule. It was given via email one week before the Holiday Season.

It really was a gift, and each department was abuzz with excitement. The placement of this Holiday was at the end of the year, and it felt like the company was celebrating a year well done. Outside of money, appreciation is the most sought after reward that employees are after. If your company offers a corporate holidays, be thankful. You work for someone that goes above and beyond to appreciate you.

Benefits of Sending Holiday Cards to Customers

It has become very easy to send Christmas cards with the invention of something called recipient addressing.  The card company we have been using for the past few years has this option as a new offering and made it very easy to do.  We upload our mailing list using a special document type they send us in Excel and they take care of the rest! We already have all the patients listed in alphabetical order for our files and billing purposes.

We pick the holiday card and the greeting we feel is appropriate for our customers.  Then we have a few lines for the name of the dental practice as well as the names of the dentists and office staff.   We pick the color ink, or a special foil to have it printed inside the card.  Then the envelopes are printed with our return address on the back and the patients name and address on the front! It is amazing!  No work there!  All of our patients have commented when they come in for an appointment about our great Christmas cards, how beautiful and unique they are. 

We tell others in the field about one of the benefits of sending holiday cards to your customers is they remember to call you to comment on the greeting card and then remember they also need to come for a visit as well.  Tackled two birds with one stone…so to speak!      

7 Reasons Why Christmas Isn’t the Same Without Christmas Cards

If you’re like me, then you love sending and receiving thoughtful Christmas cards around the holiday season. Here are seven reasons why it just wouldn’t be the same without them!

1. It gives you an excuse to get in touch with a lost connection.

Sending Christmas cards are a great way to reach out to someone you’ve lost touch with. It is a simple way to show someone that you are still thinking of them, and cards are much more thoughtful than a Facebook message or text. Your recipient will know that you put the time and effort into picking out a card, handwriting a message and stopping by the post office to mail it. Who doesn’t like to be surprised by a personally addressed letter? It doesn’t happen as often as it used to and will definitely make an impression.

2. Picking out holiday cards is part of the holiday fun.

One of the most fun parts about Christmas cards is picking them out! There are so many different options when it comes to the designs and greetings. And unlike Christmas presents, you don’t have the stress of worrying about getting the best deal, because they are so affordable. You also don’t have to worry if your recipient will like it because there are so many beautiful cards out there. So you can just relax and browse to your heart’s content!

3. They make your home look festive.

If you love receiving Christmas cards, I’m sure you also love displaying them on your fireplace, desk and end tables to get your home into the holiday spirit. Even the most beautifully decorated homes don’t feel the same without thoughtful cards from loved ones scattered throughout the living areas. They will also pique your guests’ interest, which brings me to my next point…

4. They’re a conversation starter.

Whenever I display my holiday cards, people always take notice of them. This is usually because Christmas cards tend to be very eye catching due to the glitter, foil or beautiful winter scenes. People love looking at them and asking about them. This could easily start up a conversation especially with new people during a holiday gathering.

5. You can remind people how much they mean to you.

People love hearing that they are admired, cared about, loved and thought of. Sending Christmas cards are a great way to show the people most important to you that they are in your thoughts and that you care. It also gives you a chance to express your feelings through handwriting, which is happening less and less with the advent of cellphones and social media. Your friends and family with be able to have a physical token of your meaningful relationship.

6. People will remind you how much you are appreciated.

Of course you will not only be writing and sending cards, but you will also be receiving them. What would the holiday season be without the people closest to you sending their thoughts and warm wishes?

7. Christmas cards remind us what the holiday season is about.

The holidays are a hectic time of year for most of us. We get so caught up in buying gifts, getting deals, going to holiday parties, and hoping we get what we asked for that it’s easy to forget we already have what’s most important to us. Christmas cards bring us together and remind us that it is our family and friends that make the holidays worth celebrating.

Christmas Cards Throughout History

As with all things, Christmas cards have changed dramatically since their inception. Cards actually originated way back in the Victorian Era. In the 1920’s, Christmas cards really took on steam. At this point in history, the card designs and greetings were all religious cards. They had their own unique charm. In the years that followed, changes started to take place, and by the 1940’s, cards were moving further away from the religious theme. You could find Christmas cards with characters such as Mickey Mouse and Betty Boop.

From the 1960’s until about 2000’s, things really took a turn. Cards were getting cheekier in their humor. This period of time in general is known for the freedom movements and edginess. Naturally, Christmas cards followed suit. While there were still plenty of classic religious cards to be found, the majority of people were looking at cards with pushed towards humor and varying themes. Commercialism rose to an all-time high. Along with this change, the cost of greeting cards began to rise.

Present day greeting cards have evolved to include all extremes and everything in the middle. You can find cards truly inspired by the spirit of Christmas. As you browse the selections, you will also see some middle of the ground – not overtly religious but just offering peace and happiness. Then, there is the totally funny and outrageous. There are cards for everyone out there these days. Throughout time, greeting cards have evolved into a booming industry.

5 Grammar Mistakes You Might Be Making On Your Business Christmas Cards

All companies want to put their best foot forward when sending Business Christmas Cards; the cards are chosen carefully, the best card stock, the best embossing and foil but if there are grammatical mistakes, all is ruined. Remember all of the times you receive an email or letter and the grammar is atrocious, your reaction is, “oh my, didn’t they read this before sending?” well proof reading also applies to Corporate Christmas Cards.
Here are five of the most common grammatical mistakes:

  • Season’s Greetings is correct not Seasons Greetings – use an apostrophe.
  • However, there is no apostrophe after a family’s last name for example, The Wards is correct The Ward’s is not.
  • Please write Happy New Year, not Happy New Year’s or Happy New Years, this even sounds wrong.
  • The word Christmas should always be capitalized, but the word merry should not be capitalized unless you are starting the line with the greeting “Merry Christmas.” If merry falls in the middle of a sentence, it should not be capitalized.
  • When writing a message in your Corporate Christmas Card please remember that it is correct to say “The Board of Directors and I wish you a…” not “The Board of Directors and me wish you a…”

Asking someone to proof read your Business Christmas Cards may seem silly but sending out the “wrong message” is even sillier.

Brand The Holidays

There is no place like home for the holidays. And why not make sure your company name and logo is in everyone’s home? Design Your Own holiday card and send it out to all your perspective clients, your employees and vendors. With a little in house graphical work you can really create something magical.

Your company name and logo is your identity. And let us face it Christmas is a magical time that everyone enjoys. Why not meld the two together this season and not only get good will out there…get YOU out there. Another thing you can do is take a company picture. Maybe everyone wearing some Santa hats, maybe some elves mixed in. Slap a little “Happy Holidays from” your company and you have a whimsical card that will get you on the side of someone’s cubicle all season long.

Keep in mind there are many other ways to do this. You can do a card that has a regular “Christmasy” type image on the front with some text that has your company name on it as well. Either way works just fine. The key is do not forget to tell everyone happy holidays and do not forget to tell them who is saying it to them.

Tips on Ordering Holiday Cards Online

With the advancement of modern technology, many of us are doing more and more of our daily tasks online. From paying bills, managing our checking account and shopping using the worldwide web has become the norm for everyday jobs. It has definitely made life a bit easier to complete errands.

This year I was given the responsibility of ordering our company holiday cards. I was so excited but a little anxious. It is a big responsibility and I wanted to make sure everything was just right. The first step I took was to investigate the different greeting card companies. This made my choice easy. I simply chose the company that had the best customer service ratings.

I found that when using The Gallery Collection, I was able to preview my greeting, custom imprint, and logo which allowed me to check and double check all my spelling and punctuation. It was also great to be able to play around with the different colors. Review you’re the inside of your card with all your color choices to make sure you pick just the right one. With this card I chose, I checked out the greeting in gold, red and green.

My next tip is to make sure you take your time and read all the small print when ordering your holiday cards online. You don’t want to miss any details. I saw that I was able to change the envelope style to laser which works best for us as we use a finicky laser printer to imprint our envelopes. I also took my time reading the small print when ordering my holiday cards and found these great gold foil seals to use in helping to close my envelopes.

It is great to have the convenience of ordering your holiday cards online. Be sure to follow these basic tips to help you along your way.

Thanksgiving Cards – A Plus in the Corporate World

The business world has embraced sending corporate holiday cards as a way of reaching out to customers, clients and associates. Many cards are sent and received during the month of December with the result that you are never sure if your card is more than glanced at. We decided last year to send out Thanksgiving cards as a change of pace.

Scattered Leaves Holiday Card

Knowing that most businesses send out Season’s Greetings cards to be both politically correct and socially conscious, we thought why not Thanksgiving cards. Everybody in the United States celebrates on the same day for the same reason so you can’t offend anyone. In addition why not be the first card of the season received. Talk about standing out. How many times during the busy holiday season do you receive 10, 12 or more cards that you open and barely read? Well it works the same as at home. The first cards of the season you remember more because they come one at a time when you have a moment to read them.

Let’s think about how under appreciated Thanksgiving is as a holiday. It gets very little publicity because it is overshadowed by the coming Christmas period. In reality more people take time to relax and reflect with family and friends at Thanksgiving than any other holiday. A great meal, close family and good friends put you in such a pleasant state of mind, why not use this holiday to send a message of thanks to everyone you send corporate holiday cards to? You will be the first card received, get more notice than the other corporate cards and you will be sending a great message of thanks to all your customers.

We intend to send Thanksgiving cards from our company for the foreseeable future, until everyone catches on and then we may have to rethink our strategy, maybe consider being really first with New Year’s Cards. We’ll keep you posted.

The Perfect Corporate Holiday Cards

I love to receive corporate holiday cards. It seems lately that businesses have really put some effort into sending cards to clients and customers. I have received some very lovely cards with some of the most beautiful foil art on the front. And the sentiments are actually more personable than they used to be. I just received one the other day, and I had to place it on my bulletin board for everyone to see.

It was nice to be remembered in such a sweet way. I hope to get more company holiday cards from other businesses that are just as nice. I am actually looking forward to opening all of my cards this year, and maybe I’ll even have the opportunity to send some of my own!