Calendar Cards – A Most Useful Gift

Most businesses seem to send out holiday cards every year. Years ago many businesses would send out small gifts also. These days we are feeling the crunch and what used to be is no longer practiced. We have stumbled quite accidentally on a solution. Consider this, Calendar cards are a yearlong Christmas gift.

You may scratch your head and think what the hay are you thinking? Well, there are calendar cards where you can print the company name and address, a greeting and a logo. Think about putting a clever saying that would be appropriate, such as “Wishing you prosperity throughout the Year”. Then under that the name of the company and your very own logo prominently displayed.

There are many selections to choose from. The four seasons, displaying the progression from summer through spring with leaves in bloom, falling, snow covered and then budding again. You can have a picture of the company, or even one of the employees. There is sure to be something that catches your eye.

You still haven’t realized why this is a yearlong Christmas gift. Well, the calendar attractively presented will be hung in a cubicle, an office or even a home. The recipients will all be able to know the date all the time and they can highlight the important days. We all use calendars every day, but the best part of this gift is that you will benefit from it also. Whoever receives it will have your company’s name in front of them whenever your service or product is needed. Helping your company succeed is the greatest gift of all.

13 thoughts on “Calendar Cards – A Most Useful Gift”

  1. I agree! And I have limited space on my desk so I prefer to have a simple year-long calendar on one sheet.

  2. My salon sends out calendar cards for the new year. I look forward to it because it is useful to keep at my desk at work. Just the right size!

  3. I like the calendars that have a generic front, not too holiday-ish or wintry-I guess the four seasons would do the trick-I can look at the summer pictures during the winter and the winter ones during a summer heat wave

  4. Calendar cards are the perfect gift but make sure to send it out on the early side before your customer gets one for themselves!

  5. Just a thought, with the digital age taking over the print era, couldn’t a company make a customized calendar for your mobile phone, tablet or computer? With technology today, the possibilities are endless and the customization is unstoppable.

  6. Calendar cards are great. Your getting a warm greeting from some1 who cares, and you can use it as a planner and organize your days of the month.

  7. Calendar cards are a great way to promote your business. It’s something your customers can use, literally, all year round, and with your name on the calendar, they will always think of you.

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