Ways To Truly Make A Business Christmas Card Your Own

When sending a business Christmas card this holiday season make sure to take the time to think it through.  There are always businesses that rush their order and do not take the time to understand how much this card can help elevate their brand.

People tend to hang up Christmas cards in the office or at the very least leave them on their desks for a while.  Get your company name out in front if you can.  It is even better if you can possibly get a picture of your team or your company logo on the front.

There is always the choice of trying out a calendar card.  These cards fold out and are useful because they could conceivably last all year long on a cubicle wall.  The key is getting your brand on there to show all year long as well.

Now on to the inside of your card where it is very important not to offend your clients.  I tend to keep it very simple and very generic.  I do not mention Christmas; I will keep it generic and say “Happy Holidays” so that it does not have a religious tone.  I also tend to make sure we have signatures on the card to give it that personal touch.  Keep these things in mind and you will do just fine this holiday season.

Why I Send Calendar Cards Every Year

I’ll let you in on a little secret. Sending calendar cards to everyone on my list instead of a regular old holiday card was one of those ‘why didn’t I do this sooner’ decisions. Let me tell you why I send calendar cards every year.

It started when I found a card I really loved on The Gallery Collection. I didn’t even notice it was a calendar card until I clicked on it and saw that it opened out to reveal a full 12 month calendar plus room for my company name, address, message – whatever I wanted to write. I thought this was the best thing I’d ever seen – a card and gift rolled into one.

The design was great, the months clear and easy to read – it was big enough to be useful but wouldn’t take up too much space – I was seriously wowed.

Now when I send my holiday cards I know they aren’t going to end up lost in a pile of others. And I know that I’m sending a holiday greeting that will last – literally – all year long, my company name on someone’s wall or desk for the next 12 months.

Calendar cards also show that the giver wanted to provide something of value – not just another card for the recycle bin but something as useful as it is beautiful.

And I love that I can have my phone number, web address and even my email address printed right on it – all of my contact info just a glance away all year long. You can’t beat that kind of advertising.

They have so many great calendar card designs to choose from, all the same high quality and value I’ve come to expect from The Gallery Collection. And for the same cost as a regular card I can truly send a gift that keeps on giving.

Calendar Cards: Why You Should Send Them This Holiday Season

I am sure you have been sending holiday cards for years, but I have an alternative that will make you stand out from the crowd.   This year consider about sending out Calendar Cards

You are giving yourself year round exposure by sending a calendar card customized with your logo and/or your company information.   The recipients of these calendars will display them from January right through till the end of year leaving them with a constant reminder that you are there when they need you.

Another reason to send a calendar card is there functionality.  Your customer will be able to look up dates to easily as their calendar is hanging right in front of them.  They are the perfect size to keep in your purse or briefcase so you always have a calendar on hand.

My last reason to send calendar cards is to create and build customer loyalty.  Your customer will no longer have to run to the yellow pages or the internet to find someone to suit their needs.  Your company name will be hanging right there in front of them. 

This year, mail calendar cards to your recipients to reap the rewards.

Ring in The New Year With Greeting Cards!

What better way to celebrate another year with friends, family, coworkers, and clients than with a New Year’s card! No matter the distance, this new tradition could be a way to keep close to the ones you care about most. The Gallery Collection offers a multitude of New Year’s themed cards — some even combining the Holidays with the coming New Year. Also, keep in mind that you could opt to send one of our Calendar Cards instead for a similar effect.

New Year’s cards are a fabulous way to keep in touch, guaranteed to make the people you care about most smile. This time of year people are often resolving to try something new. Who knows, one of their resolutions could be to better keep in contact with family and friends! Sending a card shows you genuinely care, even after the Holiday-Hubbub.

The following are a couple of customer favorites:

Peace and Prosperity Holiday Card (Design# 1023742): This card is bright, colorful, and has an editable cover! This card is all about the new year ahead with words wishing recipients the very best.

Prism New Year Card (Design# 302485). This card is a timeless New Year’s card. It’s bright, reminiscent of fireworks, and has foil accents!

Holiday Cards: Should Your Business Send Them?

I remember when I use to check the mail in the morning as a kid. I’d shuffle through envelopes as if I had important mail coming, but I never had any mail for me. It wasn’t like I was paying the bills. I just liked sorting through mail; don’t ask me why. I’d look through it and anything with my dad’s name went into his pile, mail with my mom’s name went into hers, etc. I was basically the in house mail sorter. I thought I had their mail all figured out until companies began to send them huge calendars and Christmas cards. They were interesting because they usually would send them around the holiday time. They always caught my eye with all the cool Thanksgiving and Christmas designs, and some even had the companies’ names printed on them which stood out even more. One day, my mom was helping me sort through the mail and I remember her saying about one of the holiday calendar cards, “you always need these calendars around and I might need this to get the info about the company who sent it.” So, if you’re a small local company on the rise or an internationally known business with thousands of locations,  does sending Holiday Cards make sense? I would emphatically say yes.

I know some may say no because people will receive them in the mail and simply toss them. But, I have come to believe it is more than worth it to send out holiday cards. This is a chance for new customers to learn about your business or spark their interest in you. Of course, some will be thrown out, but there’s a better chance of people who won’t and will need your services. They will be more likely to contact you instead of the competitor who didn’t pay to have those cards made and sent out, since they have your info at the ready.

So yes, sending out holiday cards are one of those decisions you weigh out the pros and cons on. But personally, I feel they are more than worth the effort because I can potentially make new clients in the process. New customers will have all my contact info I’ll have new business along with new friends to enjoy the holiday season with. It’s a no brainer for me. 

Should I Send New Year’s Cards to Customers?

After Christmas is over, New Year’s Eve and Day is right around the corner. You’re really not sure if it is appropriate to send New Year’s cards to your customers, so soon after sending the Holiday cards. Maybe you haven’t even sent your Holiday cards yet, and are looking to send a dual card. The Gallery Collection has an entire selection of beautiful holiday greeting cards. They also have a selection of New Year’s Cards and Calendar cards, sure to put a smile on your recipients’ face! One of my personal favorite New Year’s greeting cards is the Starburst New Year’s Card. This greeting card is digitally printed in ink, and the text can be personalized on the front of the card. Another fun New Year’s greeting card design is Bright New Year Card, another greeting card that is digitally printed in ink. The text can also be personalized on the front of the card. The Four Seasons Calendar Card has colorful trees representing each season of the year, featured on the cover of this attractive Z-fold design. Whichever card you choose, I believe that it’s a great way to send your well wishes for the new year to come!

Company Christmas Cards That Make an Impact

My personal favorites are the Feature Your Company Name Holiday Cards which allow you to see the name of the company or CEO/Owner’s name on the front of the card. These designs add an extra dash of professionalism to your greeting cards.

Industry specific cards are wonderful as well since they show more than just a holiday sentiment. They show what is the heart behind their company.  Our trucking line has so many to choose from, and they all have a great color and can be edited to really make an impact on customers.  Doctor/dentists cards are great for patients, they are very charismatic and make patients feel very loved and cared for by the physician.  So many industry specific cards are great, and I look forward to the next batch the Gallery Collection comes up with next!  

There are also Custom Photo Mount Christmas cards which leave open a wide range of possibilities in terms of customization. There is an amazing selection of these cards also.  You may add pictures to them or company logos.  These are relatively new, and are such a fantastic line of cards.

Calendar cards are so useful all year long, you can have clients, patients, customers, family, and friends see your name everyday with your 5 lines of script.  Also, you could have a picture of your practice, company building, staff picture, or even one of the 7 wonders of the world on the calendar.  Then on the bottom put your information or even a logo of your company in our gorgeous foil print. So many ways to make these and have yourself remembered all year long.  

Of course quality is important and Gallery Collection cards have that on all the cards.

Calendar Cards – A Most Useful Gift

Most businesses seem to send out holiday cards every year. Years ago many businesses would send out small gifts also. These days we are feeling the crunch and what used to be is no longer practiced. We have stumbled quite accidentally on a solution. Consider this, Calendar cards are a yearlong Christmas gift.

You may scratch your head and think what the hay are you thinking? Well, there are calendar cards where you can print the company name and address, a greeting and a logo. Think about putting a clever saying that would be appropriate, such as “Wishing you prosperity throughout the Year”. Then under that the name of the company and your very own logo prominently displayed.

There are many selections to choose from. The four seasons, displaying the progression from summer through spring with leaves in bloom, falling, snow covered and then budding again. You can have a picture of the company, or even one of the employees. There is sure to be something that catches your eye.

You still haven’t realized why this is a yearlong Christmas gift. Well, the calendar attractively presented will be hung in a cubicle, an office or even a home. The recipients will all be able to know the date all the time and they can highlight the important days. We all use calendars every day, but the best part of this gift is that you will benefit from it also. Whoever receives it will have your company’s name in front of them whenever your service or product is needed. Helping your company succeed is the greatest gift of all.

Why Calendar Cards are a Wise Business Investment

Any productive business usually sends out some form of a holiday card to celebrate their relationships with their clients and customers. Calendar cards are a wise alternative that any company should consider. They are a wise business investment for any company. With a calendar card, a business is not just doing a one time advertisement, but they are making a year long lasting impression. Most of the time, once the holiday season has come to an end those gorgeous holiday cards are tossed in the trash and never seen again. Calendar cards can be displayed and referred to throughout the year making your cards a valuable commodity.

In the bottom portion of the calendar card, a company has the ability to customize the card by typesetting their company name, address, phone number, website and any other pertinent information. The company is also able to have their logo added in this area. And who doesn’t need a calendar displayed at their desk? Your customer will display this card and always remember you in their time of need. It is a one time investment that is referred to long after the holiday season ends. Calendar cards are a wise business investment.

Greeting Cards Highlight – Calendar Cards

This holiday season I am sending calendar cards to all my correspondents. As a small business owner, I think this will be a great advertising tool. With my name business info printed at the bottom of the card my name, address, phone number and web address will be front and center throughout the year. My only problem is which card to choose since I find so many attractive. I have narrowed it down to my five favorites.

Four Seasons Calendar Card

The Leaves and Berries Calendar Card emits a peaceful feeling with all those soft colors of light teal, yellow and grey will make people want to look at this all year. They most likely would hang in a prominent place at their home or office.

On the other hand, the Four Seasons Calendar Card is equally attractive. The highlighting of the trees as they change from winter to spring then on to summer and fall are each set against a background of a vibrant color that also draws your eye.

My third card is the Sunny Day Calendar Card. It is just plain cheerful with its blue and yellow buildings, the sun shining over the entire scene. With the flag flying it almost feels like a Fair. The calendar section has a background of blue which I really like.

Small Town Calendar Card looks like a picture of Americana. You can almost feel yourself walking to Main Street to shop in every season. Colorful rolling hills give off a feeling of peaceful serenity.

My final choice would be the Sweet Seasons Calendar Card. Who doesn’t love a cupcake? These cupcakes have a character all their own. The winter one is decorated as a snowman sparkling with golden snow. Spring is decorated as a flower with April showers. The summer sparkles with red white & blue icing and sparkler candles. Autumn is all dressed up as a pumpkin amidst an avalanche of leaves.

Can you guess which I choose? Going with the sweets to sweeten the year for everyone. Here’s hoping it gets a prominent place close to the snack drawer!