Get Creative and Upload Your Own Card Design

Want to make a one of a kind statement with your holiday cards this season?  Well, now is your chance to get creative and upload your own card design.  There are many different ways to send your holiday wishes, but a card that is different from the rest is a card that is remembered.

All year long a company’s customers deal with representatives and many times this sight unseen.  Uploading your own card design gives them a chance to get a glimpse of the person or people they have been dealing with.  It is also fun on the company end to get everyone together and snap a few photos of the group.  If getting the gang together is not so easy, how about making the front of this year’s card a picture of your logo?  Everyone will take notice of your company.

Not a company?  Photo cards are also a great idea to show your friends and family how much everyone has grown over the last twelve months.  You can be serious or silly, but no matter what you choose, I can guarantee you card will be one of a kind.  Another creative way to spice up your holiday card and make it one of a kind is to upload your own design of your favorite moments throughout the year.  Did you buy a new house, take a fabulous vacation, celebrate a special event?  I sent a great holiday card with a picture of Waikiki beach at sunset featuring the swaying palm trees and the rolling waves.  This card definitely made a statement and also made everyone jealous.  Upload your own design card if you want your card to be the one that makes a lasting impression.

5 thoughts on “Get Creative and Upload Your Own Card Design”

  1. I have actually done this before and was so pleased with the outcome. I have to admit that doing this was a little intimidating at first with all the different steps, but I took my time and got everything just the way I wanted it. Loved playing with all the fonts and colors. Definitely worth the time!

  2. If you have the time and talent to design your own card why not go for it? Your card will be one of a kind and truly unique.

  3. I think putting a logo on the front of a greeting card is great and free advertisement; brand recognition is a key to success and when you put your logo on a fine quality card-double bonus

  4. I was put in charge of holiday cards last year and designed my own card. No one else before me had ever done this but I wanted something just a little different. Hands down the best idea I had and the boss couldn’t stop complimenting – mostly because of the comments he received from his clients about the card. In a large, corporate office it can sometimes be hard to get noticed by the supervisors or departments heads…everyone knows me by first name now.

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