Christmas Cards- Still a Good Business Decision

Many difficult decisions have to be made by the average business owner on a daily basis. In this economy, where every day there are reports that the market is on a downturn and also that another recession is on the horizon, these decisions must be made carefully. So as the leaves begin to turn colors, and the crisp air greets us as we close the door behind us, the decision about how to handle the Christmas cards decision looms. As a small business owner, each one of these decisions must be made with great care.

Holiday Sleigh Card

One of the best principles I have always maintained through the years is to always let my employees know how much I depend on them and how appreciative I am of their hard work and loyalty to our business. The service they give to our customers comes back to us many times over in repeat business. Our customers are our bread and butter and without good service, they will go elsewhere.

Another principle I have maintained is to do everything I can to keep our business name out there so our customers old and new are reminded of the great service they have received. One of the ways I do this is with corporate Christmas cards. I am a fond believer in the value of calendar cards. I have searched for the best quality cards available with a design that our customers will want to hang on their wall and The Gallery Collection is always the winner. Their beautiful designs help us to remind our customers of our business and our well wishes, but they also serve as a constant reminder, on a daily basis, of the excellent service from some good friends. It is money well spent in a time when every penny counts. The eternal optimist in me knows good quality, good wishes and good advertising will keep us going.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Cards- Still a Good Business Decision”

  1. The old saying that “you get what you give” rings true in the workplace. I think when your employees know they are appreciated, they will try that much harder to continue working hard. Same goes for customers who feel appreciated by the businesses that seek their patronage.

    By the way, I am a big fan of the calendar cards at The Gallery Collection –they are actually the same price as the regular cards, but have a lot more function and style in my opinion!

  2. Sending a Christmas card to your customer will always be a great way to say “Thank you for your business”. When the customer receives one, I believe they truly appreciate the time that was spent on sending them and the loyalty of their business. I personally would remember those companies that spent the time to be appreciative.

  3. I like the calendar cards too! You get so much for your money because your customer is likely to keep it posted all year. I hope to see even more designs in the future!

  4. Many years ago my Grandfather had a small doctors office in a small town and always sent out holiday greeting cards and saved all the cards he received from his patients and put them up in the office. Nowadays, that small business is rare and so is the personal touch when dealing with companies. I think that keeping some of those old ways around during Christmas time is an excellent way to keep customers and its a great tradition to keep going!

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