Christmas Cards are just as important as Christmas Gifts

With all the Black Friday commercials and sales buzzing around, Christmas gifts are already on everyone’s mind. What am I going to get my mom? My brother is so hard to shop for! Should I get my boss a little present? Christmas shopping is no easy feat; you have to find just the right thing for everyone close to you, all in a very short time. However, sometimes we forget that Christmas Cards are just as important as Christmas Gifts.

The reason we get people gifts is to let them know we’re thinking about them at a special time of year. Christmas Cards are a wonderful way to let them know that too. Especially on a tight budget, we can’t always get everyone as grand a gift as we’d like. A beautiful Christmas card can be a wonderful alternative. Especially if you write a personal message inside, it can go a long way to remind someone they’re special to you. Getting a Christmas card is a wonderful surprise for the friends and family who you may not get the opportunity to see during the holidays. Plus it looks great on the mantel! Besides, getting real mail these days is so rare that it’s pretty exciting to receive an envelope with a familiar name on it in your mailbox.

4 thoughts on “Christmas Cards are just as important as Christmas Gifts”

  1. I always open my cards first … I love seeing what kind of card people pick out for me. Mostly they are dogs and I love all those types of gifts too. Cards are a great expression of your personality. I love to give cards for all holidays. I sometimes even pick out 2 or 3 cards for special people for there birthday. And then they get 3.

  2. I agree w/ Bentley.. I always open my cards first. It’s truly special when someone writes nice things in the card too.

  3. With technology on the rise, holiday gifts are getting more expensive. This is why I believe sending cards are becoming more popular. And with so many to choose from there is something for everyone. Cards with a winter theme are my all time favorite. They call to mind memories of family and friends sipping mocha-nog and listening to The Carpenter’s holiday album on snowy nights here in the north. It’s the best time of the year!

  4. Lets get serious, as much of a nice gesture as it is sending a Xmas card to some one, it will in no way be more appreciated than a gift.

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