Christmas Cards are just as important as Christmas Gifts

With all the Black Friday commercials and sales buzzing around, Christmas gifts are already on everyone’s mind. What am I going to get my mom? My brother is so hard to shop for! Should I get my boss a little present? Christmas shopping is no easy feat; you have to find just the right thing for everyone close to you, all in a very short time. However, sometimes we forget that Christmas Cards are just as important as Christmas Gifts.

The reason we get people gifts is to let them know we’re thinking about them at a special time of year. Christmas Cards are a wonderful way to let them know that too. Especially on a tight budget, we can’t always get everyone as grand a gift as we’d like. A beautiful Christmas card can be a wonderful alternative. Especially if you write a personal message inside, it can go a long way to remind someone they’re special to you. Getting a Christmas card is a wonderful surprise for the friends and family who you may not get the opportunity to see during the holidays. Plus it looks great on the mantel! Besides, getting real mail these days is so rare that it’s pretty exciting to receive an envelope with a familiar name on it in your mailbox.

Assortment Boxes of Cards – The Life Saver

I love to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Thanksgiving, and all the little holidays in between. I’m definitely the person in the office who will bring in cupcakes to welcome someone new or to say farewell to someone who is retiring. One of my favorite parts of the celebration is picking the perfect card to accompany the festivities. I know a card seems small next to a tray of cupcakes, but the card is the part that people can keep as a memory after the party.  The only problem is trying to get out to the shops, often at the last minute, scrambling to find just the right card for a variety of occasions. Well, that was the problem, until I came across The Gallery Collection’s Assortment Boxes of cards – The Life Saver!

The assortment boxes allow me to keep an array of cards handy for a variety of occasions. So every time someone has a birthday or an anniversary I already have a beautiful card at my desk that just needs signing! It has definitely made my mornings less stressful. The great thing about these assortment boxes is that they contain a great selection. You can get a Birthday box with different types of cards, some perfect for your best friend but also some that are a bit more serious so you can also commemorate your boss’s birthday. My favorites are the All Occasion boxes because I’m covered for everything. They include cards for anniversaries, when congratulations are in order, and even for more somber occasions when a sympathy or get well card can really make a co-worker feel like they have people who are thinking about them in difficult times.

Appropriate Birthday Party Themes for Your Office

Who doesn’t love a good birthday party? However, it’s not always easy to come up with a fun birthday party theme when you’ve got to keep a whole office in mind! Often times, a theme that might seem fantastic to one person can be alienating to someone else. I find the best way to go with appropriate birthday party themes for your office is to choose something that is quirky enough to inspire fun ideas, but broad enough that it allows a bit of room for interpretation.

Lollipop Birthday Card

Here are a couple of fun examples:

TV/Movie Characters – this is a great one because everyone has a favorite TV/movie character (if not a few). There’s so much to choose from as well as a large spectrum of choice in just how elaborately you want to participate. You can go all out with a Darth Vader costume, or just keep it simple with a superhero t-shirt and go as Sheldon Cooper. This theme is also a great one because it gets everyone chatting about their choices!

Colors – if you really want to keep it simple, you can choose a color family (warm colors, or cool colors) or perhaps just a set that works together elegantly (blue and silver) and use that as your theme. You can also do black and white and one bold color to give it a twist, for example: black, white and red. This kind of theme is great because it can be used for both casual and formal work environments.

Don’t forget birthday cards. Personalized birthday cards make everyone feel special!

Time for Holiday Cards!

Halloween is almost here and that means one thing; the holidays are just around the corner! When we think of the holiday season there are many things that come to mind: snowmen, getting together with friends and family, the smell pies baking, and of course, holiday cards! Holiday cards help us remind people, especially those we do not see everyday, that we are still thinking of them.

 	 Swinging Holiday Ornaments Christmas Card

This is precisely why Christmas cards for business have become so popular. Sending cards to clients and customers is the perfect way to remind them how much you value their business. As an administrative assistant, I am usually the point of communication between the company I work for and any services we need, and I always feel appreciated when I receive a holiday card from one of the companies we’ve worked with. Not to mention, they are usually the first ones I remember when I need to use that service again.

Last year, I suggested to my supervisor that we should send out our own business Christmas cards and he loved the idea! Although what he loved even more was how many of our customers mentioned how happy they were to receive them and how it really made them feel like we took a personal interest in their business. I definitely started a new tradition at our company; he’s already having me research the designs for this year’s card!