Holiday E-cards: Not So Thoughtful or Nice After All!

Ecards might be a quick and easy way for you to get your message sent to loved ones during the holidays, but are they really as thoughtful as you think?

I’ve sent ecards that I thought were beautiful to some friends last year for the holidays. Let’s face it: it’s quick, easy, and usually free. Unfortunately, these days everyone’s mailbox is swamped with spam and junk mail, and many ecards are flagged depending on the receiver’s e-mail provider and privacy controls.

I’ve received many e-mails that look like this:


I have to download the images and even then, sometimes the greetings do not show. Just overall impersonal and there is little personal touch.

Here is another example – this one is even worse:


Aside from the subject line, nothing in the e-mail loads and so although I might think the ecard looks nice when I send it, the receiver sees something completely different.

Overall, ecards do not add the level of personal touch and care that a real physical card does. The verdict on holiday ecards: not so thoughtful or nice after all!

10 thoughts on “Holiday E-cards: Not So Thoughtful or Nice After All!”

  1. Really good post. This is true – ecards have just become so impersonal. It’s a shame, I wonder what’s next!

  2. Ecards are easy to send out, but I agree that you just never know what the other person will be receiving..

  3. I like the option of e-cards – sometimes I send them in addition to a paper greeting. I do understand the issues with getting them to load though. Technology sometimes complicates things.

  4. This is quite an easy fix on outlook though. all one has to do is click on “view images” i actually really disagree with this article. ecards are a very nice gesture

  5. I know some people send these to be more environmentally friendly or economical. Doesn’t matter to me, the sentiment is still there.

  6. I send e-cards because I can never get my cards out on time. It is a good alternative for me. I do this with birthdays too.

  7. I do not like e-cards. I find them impersonal. A card is a delight when you get it in the mail and have the pleasure of opening it. It leaves a more lasting impression.

  8. I always send a real Christmas cards but will e-card the many of the same people also-people do appreciate the thought

  9. E-cards are convenient, but show no sincerity with it. When you send someone something that’s tangible, then that shows you care!

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