Make Your Company Stand Out With Unique Christmas Cards

That time of year is coming around again, when we’re all hustling and bustling for the nicest holiday cards. With so many choices in every store, surely it’s become very difficult to choose which card would be perfect for my business. Every year, I usually buy an assortment box of holiday cards and then handwrite a note to all of my employees. But the company has been growing with each coming year, and so this year I wanted to make my cards unique. I wanted something different that would portray my gratitude towards my employees as well as make my company standout with unique Christmas cards.

Snowman Holiday Greetings Card

Scouting around on the internet one day I came across The Gallery Collection, and I never looked back. They not only have a beautiful assortment of cards, but the inside is also customizable! Meaning, I would no longer need to hand sign all of my cards, but rather sign one and it would be reprinted on all of them. I chose a card with a cute snowman and personalized it with a greeting and my very own signature on the bottom. I even had the option to make my signature glisten in gold foil! The cards came out so beautiful, I already can’t wait to hand them out!

10 thoughts on “Make Your Company Stand Out With Unique Christmas Cards”

  1. I like the signature option also. I, too, used to handwrite a note and my name but as my list got bigger and bigger and as Christmas got closer and closer I just couldn’t do it anymore. Now I send in my signature and it gets imprinted on the inside of the cards. It still adds that personal touch.

  2. The Gallery’s cards always stand out. Store bought cards don’t even come close. I think it’s a combination of the paper they use and their unique designs. You’ll never find anything close in a store.

  3. It never fails. After receiving one of my Gallery Collection cards the recipient often wants to know where I bought them so they could purchase some for themselves. Of course I tell them how to order and think I should be working on commission for all my referrals. (lol) The cards are of fine quality and quite beautiful.

  4. It is so tedious to have to sign every card. It is so much easier when you can have your name or signature imprinted on each card. Once I have started having our name imprinted inside of the cards, I’ve never looked back!

  5. Better yet…you can order one of the cards where you can put your own company name on the front of the card. Doesn’t get more unique than that.

  6. Not only does the card look great, your done once they are imprinted. I think that’s the best part!!

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