A Corporate Christmas Card Is All It Took

As the owner of a small business, having to make tough decisions is almost a daily occurrence. Whether it be hiring new employees or buying expensive equipment, the need to weigh options is always there. Imagine my stress when I had to decide between two very similar companies to act as my accountant. They had similar prices and each had a unique set of benefits to offer. How would I decide which one to choose? What happens if I make the wrong decision? Luckily, one of the companies made my decision a little bit easier when they sent me beautiful corporate Christmas cards during the holiday season. This small act meant the world to me. Just by sending me a card they showed that they cared about having my business. I was important enough for them to take the time to send me holiday greetings.

Cards are such a great way to keep in touch or show another person or company that they are important to you. In this case, the Christmas card was enough to tell me that, with all other things being equal, this company would be the better choice to do my accounting.

I have now taken their lead and begun sending out cards of my own to all of my business contacts. It is always a great feeling when I get phone calls from these contacts just to thank me for sending out Christmas cards. It lets me know that these cards are making a real impact. It really doesn’t take much to show other people that their business means a lot to you. A simple phone call or hand written letter is all it could take sometimes. In this case, a Christmas card at the right time was enough to start off a wonderful business relationship.

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