Which Company Christmas Cards – Glittering Gift Boxes or Glimmering Pines?

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Whether you’re looking for simple holiday cards or company Christmas cards, you might have a tough decision ahead of you; there are so many to choose from! It’s hard to pick just one. As I scanned through the vast selection of greeting cards on The Gallery Collection’s website, I looked for that one to jump out at me. There are so many eye catching designs, but two in particular stood out. They were both calling me, but which one do I send out?

I’ll start with my initial choice. If you want a business Christmas card, design #159CX, Glittering Gift Boxes Christmas Card, has the traditional colors of Christmas. With a modern twist, the sleek boxes give you a streamlined, cosmopolitan feel. The red, green, and gold embossed foil grabs your attention like a Mondrian painting. Each gift box is adorned with a sweeping gold bow, just adding that touch of sophistication and class. The buff matte paper makes the textured foils pop with a mosaic of colored blocks. The neatly tailored “Season’s Greetings” sentiment in gold foil polishes it off with the impression of today’s modern world.

Design #159CX, Glittering Gift Boxes Christmas Card

Design #159CX, Glittering Gift Boxes
Christmas Card

Now, my second choice for a more personal touch is design #168CS, Glimmering Pines Christmas Card. The soothing purple and pink colors fill up the background against the newly fallen snow. Silver refractive foil is sprinkled across the trees adding a dazzling array of light; it’s easy to get lost in that peaceful moment. The white glossy paper is framed out by a raised white border that completes this comforting escape. A centered “Season’s Greetings” sentiment in silver foil to match the glimmering tree sets a mood that you want share with others.

Design #168CS, Glimmering Pines Christmas Card

Design #168CS, Glimmering Pines
Christmas Card

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