Corporate Christmas Cards for Our First Christmas

My husband and I recently started a new business, and we thought it would be a great way to advertise this year by sending out our first corporate Christmas cards. We knew we needed professional looking Christmas cards and at a good value. We also wanted Christmas cards that would reflect our new business. We looked through many catalogues, stopped at several greeting cards stores, and searched the Internet looking for the perfect Business Holiday Cards. Since this was going to be our first official holiday greetings, the corporate Christmas cards and the sentiment inside had to be just right.

Lucky for us, we discovered The Gallery Collection. We thought the Christmas cards on the website were beautiful, and the fact that we had several choices for the imprinted greeting really pleased us. But what really made us happy was how perfect the Christmas cards we chose suited our new business. We selected the Sparkle Bear Greetings Holiday Card design and yes, you guessed it, we are in the business of selling teddy bears. How perfect was this?!? We found a professional Christmas card design that was also adorable. This was like getting your first Christmas gift.

This corporate Christmas card design perfectly captures the essence of our business – whimsical and fun. We are certainly glad we found The Gallery Collection and look forward to ordering our business Christmas cards from them again next year. Have a Very Beary Christmas!

2 thoughts on “Corporate Christmas Cards for Our First Christmas”

  1. I was in the same position when I first visited The Gallery Collection. I have been using their wonderful cards for years to advertise my business. I also order a separate order so that my friends and family can also receive the fine cards produced by The Gallery Collection. You made a good decision. I wish you success in your new venture.

  2. Best of luck to you and your husband on your new venture. Sending corporate Christmas cards is a great (and inexpensive) way to introduce your new business and to attract clientele. Finding one so suitable to your business of selling bears is a bonus. Who can resist a cuddly teddy bear especially around the holidays. And a Beary Happy New Year to you.

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