Design #152CX – Elegant Thanksgiving Wishes

Do you want to make an impression with your business clients and friends this Thanksgiving season? Well #152CX, Elegant Thanksgiving Wishes Card, is the business Thanksgiving cards design to send that will truly express your Thanksgiving goodwill in elegant style. This greeting card is printed on a smooth matte finish in tones of pale ivory and dark brown. There’s a mixed ivory and brown region of the design that resembles pressed Japanese rice paper but without the texture that rice paper has. The entire outer border of the card is framed out in dark brown, giving this thanksgiving card a corporate look.

Design #152CX - Elegant Thanksgiving Wishes Card
Design #152CX - Elegant Thanksgiving
Wishes Card

In the middle of the design is an embossed rectangular ivory border, and at the top of the border are five individually embossed framed boxes with dark brown backgrounds that spell the word H-A-P-P-Y. Inside this embossed ivory border with the five framed squares there’s another rectangle that’s in an ivory pearl finish, adding even more dimension to the classic elegance of the design. To finish the look, the word “Thanksgiving” is embossed in a large exaggerated script font that sweeps across the entire inner border of the card. The bronze foil adds a punch of color to the otherwise muted colors in the card design, and as another added bonus for anyone who purchases this business Thanksgiving card, the paper stock is environmentally friendly and proudly displays the eco-friendly symbols on the back cover. This alone will appeal to anyone with concerns about our environment.

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