Corporate Christmas Cards and the Ideal Business Model

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I would mention my name and business if I was not so paranoid about online identification disclosures. However, like any industry, my small courier business needs exposure, it needs to be “out there” for people to see and take us into account. What does that have to do with corporate Christmas cards? It’s simple…

My business is as big as me – a couple of family members and a handful of vehicles. So how do I keep afloat? I work hard; I adapt and provide a better service at the best price possible. My marketing budget is $0, so I market myself, my personal touch and offer a friendly carrier to hand your packages to, and I offer the same treatment to every person that I get in touch with. That’s how I’ve stayed profitable and in business through the current financial ordeal; mainly I’ve kept my customers loyal and they have recommended my business to others.

But what does that have to do with The Gallery Collection? Simple, in my company’s most profitable year, I decided to go all out and celebrate; 2008 was my best year of business in the nine years of my company’s existence, so I planned to show off with the best quality business Christmas cards I could find. I googled it and found The Gallery Collection. I was ready to make a big marketing investment (a couple hundred bucks) and taking into account the fact that my Latin family keeps growing, these Christmas cards would serve dual purpose as my personal and business Christmas cards for the holiday season. I’d show how successful I am by sending impeccable personalized Christmas cards to my family while giving my customers a beautiful card to remember me by.

Believe me, the cards were nice. I chose a beautiful design, personalized my greeting, and all for a very affordable price. However, genius me managed to make a typo on my online order, which I did not catch but thankfully a nice rep from The Gallery Collection did. When I got Linda’s call saving me hundreds of dollars, or at least many embarrassing moments, I saw that I had not invented a new business model – The Gallery Collection also believes that service can set their business apart.

I know I’m not the only courier my customers can call upon when the time comes, but they do. And The Gallery Collection is not the only corporate Christmas cards publisher, but I have not seen better looking cards and have definitely not received better service. So you know for certain who I’m turning to this year for my Christmas cards.

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Eli July 23, 2012 at 2:51 pm

Service is everything. Even if the cards weren’t the best-looking (they are) and are the most expensive (they’re not), how customers are treated is what rubber-stamps the deal. One bad experience can make future business disappear quickly. A great customer experience, however, will solidify and cement a wonderful business relationship for many years.

Shanda August 7, 2012 at 12:01 pm

Thank goodness the company you chose to produce your special card order took the time to review the order instead of just knocking it out assembly line style. What could have been a huge money mistake turned out to be a pleasant, cost saving experience due to the quality of customer service which is rare these days.

Tommy August 17, 2012 at 1:54 pm

I had an awful experience dealing with a company that I’ll refer to as “Generic Company A”. I ordered Christmas cards for my small business and received them both damaged and incorrect. It took three phones calls and an almost broken phone on my end, to get to actually speak to a live person. It was a nightmare and they never replaced the mistakes. I wish I had done my research and gone with the company you described.

Steffi December 5, 2012 at 10:26 pm

I am the office manager for a doctor’s office. My first year there I made the mistake of sending store bought Christmas cards. They couldn’t even come close to some of the cards we received from our patients and other businesses. When I looked at the back of the nicest cards they were al made by The Gallery Collection. I will never buy greeting cards anywhere else again. And yes- their customer service is excellent.

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