Dark Stock Business Christmas Cards Will Make a Lasting Impression

As the employee selected by my boss each year with the responsibility of sending our business Christmas cards to our clients, this job entails wading through the dozens of holiday cards catalogs mailed to me and selecting which company has the nicest as well as the fairest price. In the past, I have usually chosen a design that is generic in nature since our customers are quite diverse. Some of the corporate holiday cards designs I have selected have been a light buff color or just plain white.

However, this past season I went a different way; I picked a gorgeous black holiday card from The Gallery Collection. The card’s design included the words “Holiday Wishes” in a beautiful gold foil with stars and swirls accenting the sentiment above and below. The detailing on the card was incredible. At first I was hesitant to use this card because you don’t normally see that many dark styles and I wasn’t sure if it would go over well with the recipients who may have been used to receiving more traditional-looking business holiday cards.

Your customers will love this dark stock Christmas card - design #817CX, Starlight Holiday Wishes
Your customers will love this dark stock Christmas card - design #817CX, Starlight Holiday Wishes

But I needn’t have worried! The day after the cards were mailed out, the compliments started coming back to me fast and furious…via emails and direct phone calls. “My goodness, what a terrific-looking design!” “Where did you find such a magnificent card?” “Does this company you bought the cards from have other designs in other dark colors?” These were just a few of the extraordinary responses I received. It was overwhelming.

This year when I am ready to order I am going to have The Gallery Collection’s beautiful catalog right at my desk or maybe even go right their website and check out their business Christmas cards offerings that come in black or perhaps a navy blue or a deep red. Whichever one I choose, I know the design will again be a big hit!

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