Design #171AY – Rainbow Welcome Card

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I can’t think of anyone I know who, as a newly-hired employee, wouldn’t appreciate a resounding “We’re so glad you’re here!” from the workplace staff. I do think giving employee welcome cards is a sincere, concrete, cost-effective way to convey that sentiment, and the rainbow-hued foil “Welcome” on design #171AY, Rainbow Welcome Card, makes a great statement (and gives you star power, too, highlighting your good taste!).

Did I mention the artfully-placed, multi-colored stars and swirls? You’re not whispering a stiff, company-issued greeting here. With Rainbow Welcome Card, you’re upbeat, thinking positively, and showing your genuine thrill at having this person join your team. At the same time, you’re reassuring your newest member that she or he belongs and is valued, right from the start. In uncertain economic times, it becomes all the more meaningful.

Design #171AY - Rainbow Welcome Card

Design #171AY - Rainbow Welcome Card

If the idea of employee welcome cards didn’t register on your radar before, Rainbow Welcome card will pleasantly surprise both you and your recipient. If this sort of thing comes standard at your place of business, consider adding some color and emphasis to your “old stand-by” offerings with the eye-catching enthusiasm this design imparts. The most successful companies, regardless of their size, make employee happiness a big priority. Look how easy it is to do your part!

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bentley t November 14, 2015 at 4:54 pm

The colors are so wonderful on this card. I would of probably put more on it, but that’s what I like MORE. The Gallery has so many awesome cards with everyone’s taste in mind. I love the Welcome card and I love all the colors.

Maggi M. October 25, 2016 at 10:34 am

I’ve worked for a company in the past where the other employees never spoke to me when I first started. Needless to say, I didn’t stay very long. It was obvious that moral was low there and teamwork was not promoted. A welcome card says from the beginning, “You’re one of us. Our successes will be yours.” Every organization needs to set the right tone for their new hires.

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