Design #856CX- Elegant Wrappings Season’s Greetings Card

The Gallery Collection’s design #856CX, Elegant Wrappings Seasons Greetings Card, is a very elegant business Christmas card printed on black paper stock with regally wrapped packages in gold and ruby red foil. Just looking at the packages, you will truly hope that they can be the recipient of one of them! Whether you think black is an appropriate color for a holiday card or not, just seeing this design you can’t help but admire its three geometrically designed gifts composed of squares and triangles delicately tied up with fine golden ribbons. Below this trio of gilded gifts, the words “Season’s Greetings” appear in a modern yet classic font script.

Design #856CX - Elegant Wrappings Seasons Greetings Card
Design #856CX - Elegant Wrappings
Season's Greetings Card

The black paper interior of this card will be customized in elegant golden embossed lettering with your choice of over 27 available holiday greetings and two lines of personalization, whether it be sent from a family or company. Or you may choose to write your own personal message using one of our matching gold foil gel pens. Hand signing these cards will be a pleasure, not a chore, this holiday season!

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