Don’t Wait Till The Last Minute – Send Those Business Holiday Cards Early


Receiving a card for an event that has already passed is the worst. Don’t want your stunning Business Holiday card to immediately see the trash? Think about why it’s important to send out your Business Holiday cards early.

Many people (and companies) like to display their cards well in advance of the Holidays. This is partially because many businesses close during this time. If you want your recipients to have time to enjoy your business Holiday cards, send them out early.

It’s easy to get buried in the slush-pile. You don’t want your beautiful card to get lost or misplaced because you sent it too late and now it’s in the mix with everyone else’s business Holiday cards. Do yourself a favor and stand out.

Another reason to get your business holiday cards out early is so that if your clients need your company’s line of services, you are on their mind. Sending business Holiday cards in the first place sends warm regards, but sending them early ensures that your company will be the first that comes to mind when they need.

Lastly, you are less likely to make mistakes if you are not rushing to get your cards out. This card is a reflection of your business: show that you are punctual and pertinent. Giving yourself plenty of time limits unexpected variables like errors on your cards, your card design running out of stock, or missing the mailman . . . again.

3 thoughts on “Don’t Wait Till The Last Minute – Send Those Business Holiday Cards Early”

  1. This is a great reminder to not hold off on important things. For a business to prosper, your customers have to know that you care, and greeting cards are an excellent way to show that you do.

  2. The US post office recommends you mail your holiday cards before December 15th. Another reason to get your cards out early is to avoid stress. Writing holiday cards can get you in the spirit of the season and you can avoid the stress of having to do it last minute! You can relax, bake some cookies, and enjoy family!

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