Don’t Wait Till The Last Minute – Send Those Business Holiday Cards Early


Receiving a card for an event that has already passed is the worst. Don’t want your stunning Business Holiday card to immediately see the trash? Think about why it’s important to send out your Business Holiday cards early.

Many people (and companies) like to display their cards well in advance of the Holidays. This is partially because many businesses close during this time. If you want your recipients to have time to enjoy your business Holiday cards, send them out early.

It’s easy to get buried in the slush-pile. You don’t want your beautiful card to get lost or misplaced because you sent it too late and now it’s in the mix with everyone else’s business Holiday cards. Do yourself a favor and stand out.

Another reason to get your business holiday cards out early is so that if your clients need your company’s line of services, you are on their mind. Sending business Holiday cards in the first place sends warm regards, but sending them early ensures that your company will be the first that comes to mind when they need.

Lastly, you are less likely to make mistakes if you are not rushing to get your cards out. This card is a reflection of your business: show that you are punctual and pertinent. Giving yourself plenty of time limits unexpected variables like errors on your cards, your card design running out of stock, or missing the mailman . . . again.

How to Market Your Business with Christmas Cards

Over the last few years, due to a somewhat stagnant economy, many businesses have cut expenses and decided to forego sending Christmas cards to their customers and clients. This is a case of being penny wise and pound foolish. While eliminating Christmas cards from your company budget may save you a bit of money in the short term, the importance and long term financial benefits of sending company cards should easily surpass the anticipated benefit of any short term corporate belt tightening.



Part of the power of the Christmas card as a strong marketing tool lies in all of the positive feelings and good will associated with the holiday. When your customers or clients are in this festive mood, there is no better time to send them a token which reminds them of your business relationship. Sending these cards will also remind customers that haven’t thought of you in a while that your company is still around and going strong and that they may soon need to purchase whatever product or service that you offer.

When sending company Christmas cards, there are some important guidelines to follow to ensure that you make the most positive and effective impression. In order to not offend any of your customers, it is best to choose cards with a general theme. Since you don’t know the religious beliefs of most of the recipients, sending a card that reflects your own religion may irk some and instead of generating the intended feelings of warmth and loyalty, your gesture could end up having the opposite effect.

Make sure that you do not purchase low-quality cards. Doing so will send a very wrong message. It will signal to your customers that they are not important enough for you to go to any real expense on their behalf. If, for budgeting reasons, you absolutely have no choice between sending cheap-looking cards and not sending cards at all, it is best to opt for the latter choice. Cards printed on a thick sturdy paper stock with quality craftsmanship and foil embossing are the best choice.

The inside message should be simple, sincere, and to the point. Basically just thank them for their past business and wish them a happy holiday season and coming year. When possible, a handwritten signature adds an excellent personal touch. If you are sending a very large quantity of cards, you can order them with your name professionally printed inside. Perhaps you can reserve a few dozen for your biggest clients where you can add a brief handwritten greeting or signature.

Also, remember that timing is important. You should mail your business holiday cards sooner rather than later. Since your goal is to boost sales, you want to remind people of your organization before they do their holiday shopping. Immediately after Thanksgiving (or even 1-2 days before it) is the optimal time for mailing.

You should send these Christmas cards not only to generate extra business, but to sincerely thank your customers for their past patronage. If you follow these simple steps, you should be able to take advantage of all of the benefits that sending company holiday cards can bring.

Business Christmas Cards and the Appreciation Factor

Last year, a little before Christmas, I was in my friend’s office (she is a doctor) and found a Gallery Collection business Christmas card hanging on her door. Even though I had worked for The Gallery Collection for over a year, this was the first time I had seen one of our Christmas cards in a place other than at work. A few days later, I was visiting my dentist, and what did I find? Another business Christmas card by The Gallery Collection!  “How exciting,” I thought. And then right before Christmas I was in my church’s office helping to get ready for the children’s pageant, and what did I see? A table full of business Christmas cards by The Gallery Collection!

Before that happened, I never really had thought much about business Christmas cards. I knew that people sent them (obviously…since I work for a company that makes them), but they never really were something that I had taken the time to recognize. But it got me to thinking about why people send business Christmas cards. Generally speaking, they are sent to show people that you appreciate them and are thinking of them. But this notion as it relates to business never really occurred to me before! While I do think of and appreciate the friends and family members to whom I normally send cards, it never occurred to me how much the people we work with and help us throughout the business day would appreciate these cards as well….and appreciate knowing that THEY are appreciated!