Framing Business Christmas Cards to Hang Around the House

Who would’ve thought that framing business Christmas cards could become a tradition in my family during the holiday season? With the aroma of turkey and stuffing cooking throughout my mom’s house we are reminded that Christmas is just around the corner. Along with wrapping gifts and personalizing our Christmas cards, out comes my mom’s collection of framed Christmas cards from years past to be placed around the house.

I’m sure you are asking yourself why would someone want to frame and display business Christmas cards around the house. Most people might think that business Christmas cards from companies like The Gallery Collection would strictly be for corporate use, but think again. As an employee of The Gallery Collection, I’ve come to know their Christmas cards line very well. The line is both elegant and distinctive and there are so many different themes of cards to choose from. There are themes that include beautiful sparkling snow scenes; there are wildlife themes that include cuddly bears, birds perched in trees, and deer grazing by trickling streams. There are also the more traditional designs that include decorated Christmas trees, beautiful gift wrapped boxes, and iridescent ornaments. The Gallery Collection also has cards for the young at heart with several fun-filled designs featuring dancing penguins and snowmen.

As you can see The Gallery Collection’s line of Christmas cards are perfect for both business and personal use. Each design is so warm and inviting to look at that I’m sure most would agree they are deserving of a frame and to be placed around the house for all to see year after year. My mom tastefully displays her framed business Christmas cards, whether it be an iridescent ornament sparkling in the foyer or a warm inviting winter scene placed over the mantle of the fireplace to add warmth to the room.

As strange as it sounds, this tradition of framing Christmas cards has been passed on to my sister, and as much as I hate to admit it, I’ve also have been known to frame a few designs myself. Who knows, after reading my story, this just might become your family’s next great holiday tradition.

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