Four Seasons Calendar Card

Greeting Cards Highlight – Calendar Cards

This holiday season I am sending calendar cards to all my correspondents. As a small business owner, I think this will be a great advertising tool. With my name business info printed at the bottom of the card my name, address, phone number and web address will be front and center throughout the year. My only problem is which card to choose since I find so many attractive. I have narrowed it down to my five favorites.

Four Seasons Calendar Card

The Leaves and Berries Calendar Card emits a peaceful feeling with all those soft colors of light teal, yellow and grey will make people want to look at this all year. They most likely would hang in a prominent place at their home or office.

On the other hand, the Four Seasons Calendar Card is equally attractive. The highlighting of the trees as they change from winter to spring then on to summer and fall are each set against a background of a vibrant color that also draws your eye.

My third card is the Sunny Day Calendar Card. It is just plain cheerful with its blue and yellow buildings, the sun shining over the entire scene. With the flag flying it almost feels like a Fair. The calendar section has a background of blue which I really like.

Small Town Calendar Card looks like a picture of Americana. You can almost feel yourself walking to Main Street to shop in every season. Colorful rolling hills give off a feeling of peaceful serenity.

My final choice would be the Sweet Seasons Calendar Card. Who doesn’t love a cupcake? These cupcakes have a character all their own. The winter one is decorated as a snowman sparkling with golden snow. Spring is decorated as a flower with April showers. The summer sparkles with red white & blue icing and sparkler candles. Autumn is all dressed up as a pumpkin amidst an avalanche of leaves.

Can you guess which I choose? Going with the sweets to sweeten the year for everyone. Here’s hoping it gets a prominent place close to the snack drawer!

6 thoughts on “Greeting Cards Highlight – Calendar Cards”

  1. I love the idea of giving a calendar card vs. a standard holiday card. Such a great way to keep your business in consumers mind throughout the year. Also love that they are non-denominational! Thank you for the idea.

  2. Calendar cards are the best way to keep your company name on a clients mind. I send them every year!!!

  3. I like that most of the calendars can be kept up all year because they depict all of the seasons. I like your choice because who doesn’t like cupcakes!

  4. I would definitely pick the Sweets but that matches my personality. It seems like you’re more intrigued by the sweet seasons calendar card as well. Like you mentioned, Who doesn’t love a cupcake? I would love to see a calendar like that all day, it has so much character. I hope my guess was right!

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