The Importance of Sending the Right Company Christmas Cards

Before I started working for the Gallery Collection I never gave any thought to company Christmas cards. When I worked for other companies it was someone else’s job to choose the holiday card.  Now that I am in the midst of the corporate Christmas card world I realize that the card that is chosen will represent the company that is sending it.  Therefore, choosing the card that is just right is crucial because the card has to speak volumes about a company’s self-worth.  Sending an elegant, tasteful holiday card is as important as your customer service department; each characterize your business the way you want to be seen.

The Gallery Collection is all about the creating cards appropriate for business use. This company understands the importance of sending a distinctive card made with the highest quality paper, ink and foil; there is no detail too small to be addressed when the cards are designed.  I think of company holiday cards as thank you cards to all of the people who helped support a business throughout the year. Company holiday cards can enhance a business relationship and remind old customers that you are still in business and thinking of them.  When choosing a corporate holiday card remember that even though it is the Christmas holiday, not everyone celebrates. The Gallery Collection has a wide selection of Season’s Greetings and Happy Holiday your only problem will be that you may want them all!

10 thoughts on “The Importance of Sending the Right Company Christmas Cards”

  1. Sending the right kind of christmas card is so important. Cards sent from businesses need to be slightly more formal. Cards that are too frivolous or personal can come across as inappropriate. That’s just my opinion.

  2. The card you choose for your company can really make an impression. When I receive a beautiful, quality card I like to save them – which becomes a great reminder of the company that send the card.

  3. I agree with Rock. The kind of card that you send to your clients and customers is a direct representation of your company. I’ve seen some tasteless cards, and if you are a business and send that type of card to the wrong person, you’re in trouble! Not everyone has the same kind of sense of humor, so better play it safe than to be sorry!

  4. I do believe that thinking ahead when choosing holiday greeting cards is important for any company and the greeting and style of the card should really depend upon the company and what message it would like to set for its employees as each company can be vastly different. The quality of the cards however, should always be a forethought. Taking the time and spending the money to send out greeting cards in a world where most messages and greetings have turned to the internet, choosing a quality printed card will make a great impression!

  5. I think it really depends upon the type of company. Companies policies have changed so much over the years and what was work appropriate today is very different from years ago. So many companies are going the more casual route in many areas. I still think its important though to have a well chosen message and the quality and presentation of greetings will always be an issue.

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