Is it Necessary to Send Business Christmas Cards?

If your company is working under budgetary constraints, not sending out holiday cards may seem like a no brainer. Why would you spend money on that, when there are so many other things that are needed to run a company? Inventory, supplies, salaries, to name a few. If you are trying to get the word out, you are likely spending money on some type of advertisement. If you run an ad in the local newspaper, you are likely putting out a good chunk of change. You have no guarantee that your customers or potential customers will even see it. So, is it necessary to send business Christmas cards? That is the question!

Sending Christmas cards may not seem like a very important task. However, when you think about it, it becomes clear that it is. Everyone wants to feel appreciated and thought of. The holidays are a cheerful time of year and a perfect time to remind people of how much they are appreciated. By sending Christmas cards you are letting your customers and clients know that you are thinking of them. Not just when they are utilizing your services, but for the rest of the year as well. Along with great service, these small measures are what keep customers coming back.

You may wonder how this would attract potential new business. Most offices that receive Christmas cards, hang them up on display. People are walking in and out and most likely will stop to look at the cards. When they do, they will see your company name, proudly printed on the inside. While spending a very nominal amount per greeting card, you have sent out an advertisement that will be seen by many.

Real Estate Holiday Cards Your Clients Will Appreciate

It’s that time of year again! Christmas songs are on the radio, the brisk wind whips through your hair, and feeling of good tidings and cheer is in the air! It’s also time to send your employees and/or clients their annual Christmas cards! While your Real Estate office is all about finding the perfect place for your clients throughout the year, who says you can’t have silly fun during the holiday season?

If you visit the Gallery Collection, there are plenty of appropriate Real Estate related products including Real Estate Christmas Cards! With many of the Christmas Cards, you’ll be able to place your company’s name on the front of this card while also showing your love for Homes that are “for sale!” Choose from a number of available designs. Whichever card you choose, be it serious or silly, it’ll be sure to bring tidings of good cheer to the recipient of the Christmas card!

Get Your Christmas Cards Addressed For You!

If you are a part of a big corporation or even a small business, your time is important to the success of your company. When sending out your Business Holiday cards this winter season, don’t waste your time addressing the Holiday cards yourself. Let the Gallery Collection address your cards for you by taking advantage of their Recipient Addressing Service!

As a member of a fortune 500 company, you won’t have the time and energy to personally address and mail out each and every Christmas card. When ordering with the Gallery Collection, you’ll be provided the option to have your Christmas cards and envelopes addressed for you. Not to mention, they also have a fold, stuff, seal and mailing service so you don’t have to worry about mailing your cards out at all!

As a small business owner, you may not have as many Holiday cards to address and mail out as a fortune 500 company has. However, your time is vital to the success of your growing business. You must oversee all of your employees, as well as make sure the business runs smoothly and generates a profit. Save your precious time and have your Company Christmas cards addressed for you. Whether you’re ordering twenty-five, a hundred or a thousand cards, the Gallery Collection will make it convenient for you.

Save on Holiday Cards by Ordering Online This Season

For the last few years, I’ve been in charge of purchasing our holiday cards.  Because of budget, I had to shop around for the best pricing. This meant that I would have to call several companies to get quotes. Once presented to my superiors, they would usually go with the lowest price. Unfortunately, the best pricing doesn’t always mean the best quality. We have been burnt more than once. Cheap looking cards do not represent our company the way we want to be seen.

I convinced my bosses that I could save on holiday cards this season by ordering online! However, not before I did some research. As I sat at my computer and typed in Holiday Cards, one of the first companies to come up is The Gallery Collection. As I was clicking through the site, I saw a vast array of beautiful business holiday cards. There were so many to choose from. Wow! The prices were very good, and they even had Christmas Cards on sale at half and even 55% off. However, I was still hesitant. As I said before, we have been burnt in the past. As I was looking through the site, I noticed that I could order samples. So after checking on the pricing, I did just that.

I received the requested samples in no time. I wasn’t disappointed. The cards were beautiful. With pricing and samples in hand, I presented the information to the powers that be. They were quite impressed and gave me the OK to purchase. That was easy. What wasn’t so easy was choosing the final design choice. Once that decision was made, I went back online and placed the order. The process couldn’t have been easier. The cards arrived in less than two weeks and the finished product was impressive.

For the future, I will not be calling several places for quotes. I already know I can save money and time by going straight to The Gallery Collection!

Holiday Cards: A Sound Marketing Strategy for all Businesses

Mid to Late October is time to seriously think about sending Holiday cards to your clients to let them know how much you appreciate them for their loyalty. There is no question that sending greeting cards is a must, Holiday cards let your clients know that they are important to you and is the most cost effective way to thank them for their patronage.

Holiday cards for business are everywhere; some nicer and more appropriate than others, so research is a crucial. Keep in mind that we live in a melting pot in which people have different religious beliefs. Choose a non-denominational design with “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” on the front of the greeting card.   The things you are looking for are of course fine quality paper, classic design and a touch of foil makes a greeting card come to life.  The envelope should also be of the finest quality paper and preferably be foil lined; this way you can start impressing as soon as the envelope flap is opened!

Once you have your selection you should have them personalized with your company name, after all it is a corporate holiday card; you can and should also hand sign. When sending personalized Holiday cards it is incredibly important to send the highest quality cards your budget will allow. The quality of your Holiday cards reflects your business so only choose the best. You promote your business by getting the word out so know that cards can be printed with your company name and your logo making a great impression with your clients you can even include a business card. Imagine your card being displayed in an office that has many visitors; you never know who will see your greeting card and make a decision about your company without meeting you.

Dare to be Different With Your Company’s Christmas Card

When ordering a card from The Gallery Collection’s wide selection of cards, it is already pretty difficult for your card to not stand out. If you want to stand out even more for your exceptional taste and styling, here are two options to really jazz things up. When ordering a card from The Gallery Collection’s wide selection of cards, it is already pretty difficult for your card to not stand out. If you want to stand out even more for your exceptional taste and styling, here are two options to really jazz things up.

Colored Foil

Launched as of March 2017, customers now have the option to choose blue foil, red foil, or green foil in addition to the gold foil and silver foil already offered. While we do offer red ink, black ink, blue ink, and green ink—foil is such an stunningly elevated choice for your Christmas cards. Not sure if you’ll like it? Ask for a sample to see it shine in person!

More Customization

Prices will vary depending on your selections and not all cards may be edited in the same way—but with the Gallery Collection you have the option to customize many aspects of your cards. For example, you are able to write your own greeting, add as many handwritten signatures (that we then print) that will fit, change the font and sizes on the card, print in multiple colors inside your cards, or edit the text on the front of the card.

The Perfect Corporate Holiday Cards

I love to receive corporate holiday cards. It seems lately that businesses have really put some effort into sending cards to clients and customers. I have received some very lovely cards with some of the most beautiful foil art on the front. And the sentiments are actually more personable than they used to be. I just received one the other day, and I had to place it on my bulletin board for everyone to see.

It was nice to be remembered in such a sweet way. I hope to get more company holiday cards from other businesses that are just as nice. I am actually looking forward to opening all of my cards this year, and maybe I’ll even have the opportunity to send some of my own!

Company Holiday Cards Can Help Your New Business

Due to the economic downsizing my husband lost his job and went on the unemployment line for a while. He had a passion for food and wanted to start a business with this idea. Having a culinary background in college it seemed like a great idea!  They say do what you love and it won’t feel like you are working.  He had a brainstorm for a small business venture just before the holidays.  We were thinking of different ways to market our new business, we wanted it to be a little personal and reach people in a timely matter.  It would be beneficial to reintroduce ourselves to our community.  While our children were growing up he was very active in coaching sports and volunteering his time, now we were reinventing the wheel. I mentioned to him to send out company holiday cards to our prospective customers. We would be advertising and sending Season’s Greetings at the same time.

Sending corporate Christmas cards is a perfect way to be introduced to our new business associates. We included our company name, telephone number and website information on the bottom of our calendar card.  Potential customers can use them as a reference to remind them we are open for business year round.

The Perfect Corporate Holiday Cards

The corporate holiday cards I send every year are not only my way of wishing greetings for the holidays, but they are also my way of connecting with people I have not had contact with for a while. At least I know once a year we can catch up with each other’s lives and bring back some good memories.

The holiday cards I pick out have to be a reflection of my thoughts and feelings. This requires me to spend countless hours reading countless cards to make sure I find the right design that expresses exactly what I. This became an impossible task over the years!

However, I finally realized that in order to be able to address all the different holidays of the season and also be able to say the “right” words, I needed to order custom holiday cards.

The cards had to be beautiful and I needed them personalized with my name along with a special greeting. The array of greeting card designs offered by The Gallery Collection is incredible, and the designs are all distinctively beautiful. There is such a great selection of greetings that I didn’t even need to create my own. And the quality of the cards and envelopes is very impressive, to say the least.

So now I can send company holiday cards that are impressive and says exactly what I want.

The Importance of Sending the Right Company Christmas Cards

Before I started working for the Gallery Collection I never gave any thought to company Christmas cards. When I worked for other companies it was someone else’s job to choose the holiday card.  Now that I am in the midst of the corporate Christmas card world I realize that the card that is chosen will represent the company that is sending it.  Therefore, choosing the card that is just right is crucial because the card has to speak volumes about a company’s self-worth.  Sending an elegant, tasteful holiday card is as important as your customer service department; each characterize your business the way you want to be seen.

The Gallery Collection is all about the creating cards appropriate for business use. This company understands the importance of sending a distinctive card made with the highest quality paper, ink and foil; there is no detail too small to be addressed when the cards are designed.  I think of company holiday cards as thank you cards to all of the people who helped support a business throughout the year. Company holiday cards can enhance a business relationship and remind old customers that you are still in business and thinking of them.  When choosing a corporate holiday card remember that even though it is the Christmas holiday, not everyone celebrates. The Gallery Collection has a wide selection of Season’s Greetings and Happy Holiday your only problem will be that you may want them all!